QuestionsCategory: Car RentalCan I rent a car at Tehran airport?
Sam asked 2 years ago
Hi, I’m coming to Tehran on 20th Feb, and i was wondering can i rent a car directly at the airport or perhaps a car being delivered to the airport for me?



1 Answers
Tehran Agent answered 2 years ago
Hi Sam

There are car rental companies at Imam khomeini airport in Tehran, you may also prebook a car to be delivered to you at the airport from other companies, seems like HamiRent and SaadatRent are two options for this purpose and seem like their more competitive than an airport rental on price.

Please beware though as some Iranian rental companies have specific restrictions on your drivers license and some may require quite a hefty deposit depending on the car you wish to rent, so please make sure you read the small print and make sure it has adequate insurance and cover for your trip. If you are a first time driver inside Iran, please don’t get a very expensive car as you may find it difficult to drive in Iran where everyone drives like their playing a game of chicken!

Best of luck with your rental, and if you wish, we can arrange a pickup for you at the airport and bring you to your accommodation with us or elsewhere. Simply go to the contact us page to have this arranged.