If you have plan to travel to the silk road and see the wonders of the eastern side of the world, then you’ve probably heard about the Isfahan. This city once was the capital of Iran and today it is the center of art and culture in Iran.

Isfahan found power specifically at the time of Safavid dynasty. Prior to that this city was called Ispahan. This name was set on this land because of the presence of an individual nation known as Sepahian. Isfahan has semi-arid climate and warm temperature but this group chose this land because of fertile plains in the adjacency of Zayanderud river.

Over the course of 150 years in the Safavid dynasty many advancements were proceed in this part of Iran. at the time this city was one of the widest cities in Iran. Today this city is a bustling location with unnumbered attractions and it is hard to choose between many sites with rich history in their background.

The sweetness of the dialect of people from Isfahan invites you warmly to see it’s unique touristic sites. Sio se pol, pl-e khajou, sheikh lotfolah mosque, chehel soton palace, hasht behesht palace, ali ghapou mansion,   the hasht behesht palace and many other site to drop by and enjoy the beauty of this city.*

The most outstanding sites in the Isfahan are Mehr abad, Sheikh Sadough, Mirza Taher, Ordibehehsht, Chahar Bagh, Moshtagh,


This zone is on the south side of Isfahan and it is the sixth district in the city. The name of this zone comes from merdavij the founder of Ziyarid dynasty. This district is among the top choices of youth

There are many deluxe restaurants and dining houses in this part of Isfahan. The central part of this district is borj street. Armaghan commercial center is one of the top commercial centers in this part of isfahan that attract many. Mardavij has great amenities for instance mardavij public park is an all time (hang out) spot for the locals of this city.

This district particularly on the weekends and off days have another life. You’d see exilienert atmoshpher as many would pas time in this part of Isfahan.


The phenomena of luxury apartments are simply compacted in the mehrabad district in the Isfahan. More than half of the high investment in the real estate was in this zone of Isfahan. ( more than top rating investments of real estate were in this district of Isfahan.) what you would choose in this part of city can be compromised in term of total expense.

Mirza Taher

In the mirza taher zone, there is a friendly coexistence between normal apartments and luxury constructions. highly desirable residential locations in Isfahan are found in mirza Taher district. Although there are many luxurious options in Mirza Taher you can compromise the price point of accommodations in this part fairly easily


Ordibehesht street has the separate sections of north and south. You can in this affluent environment see a number of houses that sold with moderate price point.

This part of Isfahan starts from shahid Beheshti street on the left and it ends in the pasdaran street. Hasht behesht garden one of the most (eye-catching) parts of Isfahan is precisely located on the north of this zone and on the south Ordibehesht district has close adjacency with zayandehrud river. This street is the location of many stylish restaurants and traditional dining houses.  Shahrzad restaurant one of the absolute best is precisely in this district.

the facilities in this part of Isfahan is very desirable and you can find many public transportations with ease. In addition to that there are many forms of entertainment in ordibehesht district.

Chahar bagh

This district is precisely located next to the zayandeh roud river and due to its specific location  ( it definitely had the potential to set itself among highly desirable

On the south and central part of zayandehroud river, the district of chahar bagh is located. This zone is on the south of 33 pol, one of the most known symbols of Isfahan.

The general facilities in this district set the great inhabitation zone for the prospective residents and occasional visitors. One of the finest features of chahar bagh is it’s public transportation system. You can easily navigate your way through by using either subway or bus. The closest subway station in the chahar bagh is sioseh pol which gives you access to most parts of this city.


You can find deluxe apartments in the Moshtagh first to the Moshtagh third. This district is one of the other neighborhoods which is in the proximity of Zayandeh roud river. This geographical location has added to the beauty of surrounding of this neighborhood. There are many apartments in this part of Isfahan that have view of this river.

This district is the flag barrier of the most luxurious building in the entire city of Isfahan. Some of the apartments in this part Isfahan is astronomically high. The apartments in this side of Isfahan comes with many extra amenities.

The minimum standards for a building in this part of the town are roof garden, luxury lobby, fitness salon, conference hall, and many more following the desire of luxury enthusiasts. The minimum measurement for a flat in this part starts from 150 square meters. If you are looking for the most recent architectural trends then this part of ISFAHAN is a great location, to begin with.

Isfahan Metro

Isfahan does have an underground metro system, it’s currently only one line but more are planned (lines 2&3) to be phased into the system. Below is the tube map of the Esfahan Metro system.

Esfahan Metro Map
Metro map of Esfahan