Have you come across the life-style of transfer students those who relocate from one continent to another? Well, Couchsurfing has endeavored to bring up an answer for the audience with similar characteristics. For instance, these new travelers even can be those who have a quick meet up or want to attend a conference.

From the connotation of this brand, you can guess that many would rent either a whole or a part of their house on the Couchsurfing website. The criteria of this organization the landlords finding suitable tenets for the landlord has been made easy.

Couchsurfing has the aim of providing affordable accommodation for those who seek a very homy location. on this third-party accommodation provider, It is not surprising the aim of renting a flat as such can be altruistic sometimes. Now this workable agenda has turned into a distributive business model.

In Couchsurfing, Your length of stay will vary from one night and it may extend to one year.

Couchsurfing and Airbnb in Iran

The innovation of Couchsurfing is in its multiple usage capacity of being a social network and allowing people to share an idea, find localhost through conversations and hold events via participants. Besides this possibility, you can explore crashing into a local home as guest without paying. Well, that cut all the extra expense but where all this started was by an incident. Casey Fenton the original founder of could book a very cheap plane ticket from the US to Iceland and he was haunting for a place with the same expense. He came up with the idea of crashing into the university of Iceland email-system and sent an email to 1500 students asking for room sharing. He received 50 emails and the idea of Couchsurfing came to reality by this individual experience.

A fair comparison of Couchsurfing and Airbnb in Iran

Whether you want to become a regular user of either of these websites or you want to become a host one or even both of them, this comparison of two accommodation providers in Iran will assist you. Airbnb was set it’s standard very high once they initiated, their work in 2008. Now this accommodation provider has spread its coverage to nearly 190 countries in the world. In addition to that, Airbnb in the most clear language is a room letting website. The idea is to provide eco-friendly accommodation with the best possible customer service.  

The process of finding a suitable place on Couchsurfing and success on this platform depends on your level sociability.

The first step is to make a verified profile then attend the local gathering and meet other fellows. By this, you can make a great relationship with locals and expand your network. When you attend an event hold by using Couchsurfing platform, and you found some friends it is a good idea to share your expenditure story in social circle.

On the Couchsurfing platform, it is essential to double-check everything, the platform informs its audience regularly. Couchsurfing advises it’s audience to check the list of criteria set by the property owners and control their profile history.

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It is very considerate to be very cautious about the safety tips on both platforms. Typically, on this platform, you are not obliged to pay anything except for the residency fees. If you are among the users of this website, it is recommended to ask for these before you actualize your travel.

Couchsurfing in Iran for male visitors has an easier process. In Iran, you find many locals who are willing to show the surrounding and give you a room. This comes from the roots of Iran hospitable culture.

Other than this if you want to find the most suitable hosts, Cautiously look through the profile of those who you’ve found interesting. The process follows as such, you sent a couple of messages known as Couchrequests to those potential hosts. It is crucial that you personalize your message based on the information provided on the host profile.

The level authority and pre-considered regulations on the Couchsurfing network are not very strict and there are 5 general unwritten rules around engagement and successful stay at member’s house. The initial step is to build friendship once you started your haunt and plan your trip around the host’s schedule.

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You need to follow two unwritten rules of thumb. keep in mind to reciprocate and be a giver in parallel to looking for a possible host in the destination. After your stay, don’t forget to write an honest review and help others to be discovered. This truly helps you to have a better encounter with each host and expand your opportunities and ultimately become a true traveler.

Comparatively, Airbnb offers shared and private rooms as well as entire apartments and homes. In the couchsurfing the host has a presence and there is no complete private unites.

Renting Furnished Apartments vs Third-party platforms

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