the traditional model of housing is not working anymore by the growth of population in the metropolitan cities we will be always on the verge of accommodation crisis no matter how much we try! Fortunately, Architects are proposing new model for the developers.

What was that traditional model? in the conventional style developers were forced to keep the prices low while construct mass apartments and flats. If you ponder over it you see that it never actually works! that’s because first of all these people will never be able to keep up with the demand and second of all the time of cheap material and economical apartment reached to its end. Not many even would consider them anymore.

Every one who lives in Iran would confess that in order to have successful investment in the real estate you have to spend most of your time snaffling up the house stock and keep account of unnumbered influencing factors. And at the end Industriously squirreling it away for the winter that would come by!

Interesting fact is that today the upcoming generation and the youth are less willing to hold on the objects the elderlies once obsessively tried to protect and own for a very long span of time.

The sense of belonging is no longer translated to bricks and mortals in a specific location like they did in the past. The definition has changed for most part.

Today the new meaning of ownership and possession has to do with our new relationship with them. The new generation’s definition lies in the freedom and flexibility, sustainability and quality

A superior topology for this novel market is replacing the old deposit-based plus a scroll of contract with a form of subscription. If you look at it more closely you realize the subscription style of payment has almost filled all other aspect of our life. From the watching online movies to the gym membership and even current trend of lunch and snack boxes. 

If that’s the future of renting various accommodation in Iran, how will it look like? This movement has already started in Iran and it’s different cities. This emerging model started with the large amenity and communal spaces for co-working with smaller spaces.

Now it’s time for co-housing to add to this form of co-working topology. But let me break it into more understandable pieces because the picture may not be vivid.

The idea subscription means you can come and go on the short notice. Upgrade and downgrade whenever your life circumstances changes and travel freely. In this innovative framework the value of subscription interprets into the quality of all the social spaces, the event it offers and the opportunity it brings with itself rather than simplistic and crude model of valuing a rental apartment in Iran based on the square meter and location.

Although this model has some drawbacks but it is the complying with all the growing needs that Iran and other countries are facing. An accurate response to housing crises should come with a mixed, and balanced selection of new options. Rent Iran apartment has started to offer this futurist style to it’s perspective costumers. For more in depth information read this article.