Can Foreigners Buy Property in Iran?
Buying a property in Iran

The straightforward answer is that yes, foreigners with different purposes of settlement can buy property or lease in different cities Of Iran. Their target of using any kind of application can be residential, commercial and industrial. Ownership of All of these is possible in any city of Iran.

The only exception is that foreigners cannot acquire the possession of agricultural lands in Iran.  

General laws to follow

A foreigner in Iran is obliged to pay 3 to 5 percent transfer tax to the government. To that also stamp duty and registration fees are added. Ultimately as non-residents, 3.6% to 5.6% of total payment is added to what you would pay to purchase a property in Iran.

As it is briefly mentioned, the ownership of property in any cities of Iran is only achievable if you have long term allowance of stay. This doesn’t hold true for those who come to Iran for the solo purposes of traveling or seasonal sight-seeing. On your way of purchasing a property in any cities of Iran, you need to follow these steps.

First of all, it is compulsory to bring the statement of clearance of your taxing record. To do that you need to pay a visit to the municipality of your city and after that go to the economic affairs and finance department.

In the next step, it is obligatory to provide a certificate about your social security and a statement showing your record of ownership or erection of property.

In the final stages, you have to meet other party in a notary. A part of fee payment here is for the services you receive from the notary. You can compromise the fees you have to pay by the seller, as in certain cases they agree to provide part of expenses.

In general, Foreigners need to submit their statement to the office of property registration in the district they wish to acquire the ownership of an office, apartment, villa or house. The letter of declaration should specify name and family name, the original nationality and the permanent place of residence and the date of entry into Iran. It is also crucial to fill out your form with information about the duration of residency and the locations you have resided in.

Other important information on your form should be your marriage statues, current place you of residency. Your aim of ownership can be either for business or industrial activities or perhaps you want to domicile.

An approving letter of no previous criminal record should be attached to this declaration statement as well.

If you are a delegate of an incorporation in Iran, then the procedure of owning a property in cities such as Tehran, Isfahan and shiraz differs. You letter of declaration should have direct mention of the association , institution or company you are working for.

In this kind of submission there should be notation of nationality of the company, the type work that is done in this company, in addition to the particularity of their system in Iran. Detail such as association of their work with cities of Iran. Lastly, the amount of capital they aimed to allocate to the real estate .

Property Features

  • foreigners who want to purchase a property in Iran, all the specifications of real estate need to be noted in the letter of request.
  • The chosen property should not be in certain geographical location. Ownership of any kind of house, apartment or land that is situated in on the border of close adjacency is forbidden and restricted by the means of law.
  • If the purchased property is for the target of commercial activities then, permanent permission of it should be acquired prior to the declaration submission. Engagement of incorporation in any kind of activity should have full permission.

In the case of relocation to another country, if you haven’t acquired citizenship of Iran, by the means of law you are required to transfer the property to a citizen or a resident who is entirely qualified and has the permission of stay. The transfer procedure should be done over the course of six months. If this is not based on the regulations then the council ministry will have the right to possess the property or the land.

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