For those who want to expand their trade opportunities and relocate into a much better office, the most important advice is to calculate the cost of relocation as early as possible and plan accordingly. You certainly don’t want things like negotiating the expenses and demanding suitable conditions find their way into your busy schedule.  

Renting office in provinces such as Tehran, Isfahan, shiraz, and Mashahd comes with their specific circumstances. These are different cities with their own particular conditions. Locating in the right district in these cities and understanding what is the next step for the growth of your business can be a crucial stage and requires risk-taking.

It is an uncommon to receive services such as moving labor and relocation assistance to get included in the offers you receive from a landlord in metropolitan cities of Iran.

More importantly, you don’t have to double up your headache specially during the pick of your work. Modern system of location discovery and matching system in these major cities help you step by step. The ultimate key for this is going for packages that agencies offer.

Renting an office in Iran

1. Dealing with the new documentation and licensing

Paperworks can be notoriously painful if they consume a huge portion of your time. instead your point of interest should be double-checking the state of security, safety as well as general standards. So, make sure to demand interior and exterior situations aligned with the standard conditions of all the appliances.

Documentation for tenants and landlords is a compulsory possession in Iran like any other country. For non-citizen, it is essential to provide a copy of their temporary or permanent residency along with credential of identification and record of trademark registration of incorporation. once this stage is finalized, you as a new tenant of office you will receive a valid copy of the contract and documentation. This copy must clearly show the signature of both sides and it’s the date of finalization.  

Furnished corporate office in Tehran, shiraz, Isfahan and Mazandran can have customized renting schedules and procedure. For the prospective tenants, this signifies into time management and saving all the mental occupation for your top work priorities.

The transparency on the services offered by RentIranApartment is high and via our fast consultation service, you get familiarized with all the required fees. You can ask your agent to prepare them for you in the days prior to the date of relocations. It is important to know that as a registered trademark, you don’t have to go through the local inspection and registration at the same time.

2.How to make the integration smooth

You need to consider all the possible irritating aspects for your employees. For your employees, the likely mind occupying issues are finding the most convenient transportation system for an easy commute. Also, keeping the progress of relocating in check and being very consistent about it, can be one of the other challenges you will face.

On RentIranapartment you as the prospective tenant are not obliged to allocate a considerable amount of time to visit each site. Agents will virtualy assistant you. By this, Agents will provide live stream and real-time virtual captures of places in place of in-person visits. Both the surrounding and different office environments in the favorite cites of Iran have detailed proof of their current condition. Especially for newly established businesses or major corporations, it is essential to be close to the core locations. This adjacency gives them a better chance of further development.

Addressing each one of these has to be on your detailed plan. Remember to have all these principles and follow them in your relocation procedure.

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3.Cost management

Cost management for newly started business ideas can be the most frustrating and blocking compartment on their way. Simultaneously Booking in advance can be rare if your weighting your future financial conditions. Ultimately you want to pay and in return bring high-level of effectiveness to your work environment.

In RentIranApartment agency, the options are varied, in accordance with your availabilities agents offer communal and shared office spaces, non-corporate office and corporate office. The characteristics of all three types revolve from informal to highly formal working space in each city of Iran.

Also, as part of RentIranApartment agencies, you can ask for particular interior design. Each one of the options above can come with an open or compact design.

4. Security management

As strong will entrepreneur and a fully grounded manager, some risks such as fraudulent procedures may be threating on your way of business growth. Every step of renting an office in any country including Iran can be very doubtful. Images might not stand up to the description they are attached to. Also, previous history and records of the site may not be transparent. The stereotypical claim that leaves it to us and trusts us is eradicated for the professional.

Fortunately, this agency with all the services provides step by step validation. This means that RentIranApartment finalizes everything once you double-check the list features in the office via at least one physical presence or a visit of a legal delegate of yours.  

5. Landlords management

On your way of renting an office in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Mazandaran, for the most part, you may have to go through the conventional procedure. In this way, you will encounter a single property owner who has his own protocol. They usually manage the property themselves.

we highly recommend looking for corporate offices that are managed by a property manager. By this, needs such as signing a lease agreement, collecting rent, overall property maintenance, any form of repair request and return of security deposit in addition to others are done more systematically with more precision.

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