To attract creative and entrepreneurial minds in Iran a surly suitable location is necessary. A Typical office in Iran provides a unique environment for the staff. The facilities provided by an enterprise includes tech amenities as well as suitable environment for the peace of mind of each employee. The independency that a private office has is incomparable with an open space in which many would commute frequently. Although having an individualized workspace is highly productive, communal workspaces would also follow the framework of reputable software companies and their administrative regulations.

The most famous one is agile for sure. If your startup wishes to build up a strong foundation in an environment in which you pay the rent for daily use and they don’t have deal with the complication of independent offices in Iran, then this article offers good insights for renting a proper office in Iran. 

Every entrepreneur in every country wishes to bring a sense of compassion to its staff and create a sense of union among them. Aside this there are many management books which emphasize on the face to face connection and the importance of awareness of every single worker about the concurrent issues and futuristic plans.

Many highly reputable software companies out there implement the agile manifesto. Basically, this management formation has four chief disciples and one of them are individual interaction over tools. This translate into people who drive the developments with less mediation tools.  

Other agile manifestos are customer incorporation over solid contract negotiations and immediate response to either ongoing plan or following procedure.  This novel administrative strategy believes that collaboration is entirely a different creature.

Basically, what agile implementers are seeking is a procedure or ability by which human agents decide a systematical development approach for the occasional iterations and issues they face. As this follows

the most effective method of transferring knowledge to a team is through face to face condensation

Agile software development strategy

Making a smart decision is very crucial for startups. the question might be whether you want to outsource or you prefer an in-house solutions?

The idea of communal workspace is a suitable solution for all of these impactful strategies. Since the four leading amendments of agile can be properly done in a mutual workspace without worrying about marginal issues. You can significantly manage your resources if you choose one of the available communal spots for your business.

self-organizing teams encourage great requirement, architecture and design

Agile software development strategy

Communal offices are a launch podium for those who have a limited budget and brilliant innovations in their head.

  • Finnova: “Empowering the stars” is the motto of Finnova mutual workspace. This is a convenient office for work gatherings. Especially those who wish to reprieve from noisy and crowded locations and entirely focus on their targets.
  • Zavie: This establishment was founded in 2018. The investors for zavie communal offices were Avatech booster. The aim of this communal workspace is creating a valuable network of people by incorporating them in the ongoing projects. Zavie holds distinctive programs such as Workshops for “UI fundamentals” and “How to find customers for your newly settled business” throughout the year.   
communal offices in Iran
  • Samsung AUT Tech: This center is supported by Samsung company and was established in 2017. Samsung AUT Tech wishes to recognize and discover brilliant business and tech ideas. The embedded amenities in this 3-story building in the Enghelab street ensures that the seed of each creative move in Samsung AUT Tech is flourished. This center offers provisions such as consultation with expertise for the further development plans, occasional workshops in various domains, and allocation of credit to the outstanding programs and startups. The best part is that you can extend your network by meeting skilled people and investors.  
  • Blue-white: this location is a communal office in Esfahan. Blue-white has a unique layout and cozy lodging in which employees can sit in full comfort and discuss their strategies. An advantage of this communal office in Iran is that it is cheaper in comparison with other locations.

Climb the ladder of success and Find your way to more important work establishments in Iran

  • Ava tech: This communal office and association provides mentorship and upscale support for innovative leader that have real prospective. Ava tech boosts the ongoing startups procedure by offering various supports.
  • Nopahub: this association in Iran is the bridge between the prospective investors and creative proposals. If you have a brilliant thought in your head or you want to collaborate with Iranian tech companies that have outstanding potential we highly recommend poping in Nopehub in Tehran.