The outline of this Niavaran district owns it’s today frame to Nasedin Shah Qajar. the presence of Alborz mountain range and the plain created a platform for most refreshing climate in the entire city of Tehran.

The natural foliage in this zone and its growths caught the eyes of occasional passers form the Shemirant rural area. Its aged cedars are the proof of those early days of discovery. You can picture the voracious desire of Qajar royal family for this pristine land.

so much going on in this neighborhood and there is so much heritage in every corner of this district that makes the Niavaran district very hard to neglect.

The main street in this region is known as shahid Bahonar street. Niavaran is encircled with Sadr expressway and pasdaran street.   

The Niavaran apartment are in the rage at the moment and it is easy to see why. Niavaran district is packed with dreamy apartments and luxurious flats and the competition for many of these options are high.

This district has been broadly invested, but the kind of development in this neighborhood is disparate from others. In this exorbitant region of Tehran, you can find extravagant and fanciful furnished apartments in line with the perfect social amenities you have in mind. In majority of sub location within Niavaran you’ll have the breathtaking view of Alborz mountain range and the circulation of excellent climate in your surroundings.

Buying property definitely take several months (you should expect to keep your life agenda in 3 months pending situation) Also keep in mind if you hire a realtor to find you a perfect spot you have to pay considerable commission and typically that equals one moth of rent so that might not be the ideal deal in certain situation and conditions. 

The best reason why you should at least a short-term residency in one of the furnished apartments in Niavaran district is the cost of living on top low expenditure renting an either partially or fully furnished apartment from rent Iran apartment agency. serviced apartment for rent in Niavaran district of Tehran

Utility cost in Niavaran district

For maintaining a certain standard of living you should always keep track of expenses in each specific region. With all that mind Iran is one of the best countries to save up! Is that a bold claim to you? Well the certainty of this word comes from the strong domestic agricultural production and the moderate value of Iranian currency. Just take a glance at the chart below and breath deeply

Iran Cost of Living table

Repaint your imagination about Niavaran apartments

Altoun court residential tower: this building is hyperreal rendering what Niavaran neighborhood has in it’s pocket for the premium seekers. It is strenuous to say what inspired Mansour vakili the architect of this building since many design elements are incorporated in the layout of Altoun court residential complex in Niavaran.

Altoun court residential tower in niavaran

This top residential complex has 24 stories and the total 24 unites in this complex have 240 to 850 square meters measurements.

Within this exquisite apartment there are two penthouses that are duplex and triplex. The main material used in the interior design of this unique apartment is marble. The lobby has luxurious setting with the reflective stone and marble as the chief material.

Altoun court residential tower in niavaran district

Must have accessories for an apartment as distinguished as Altoun court residential tower are 850 square meters lobby, a clay tennis court and two 700 and 400 square meter swimming pool and gym for women and men.

Altoun court residential tower in niavaran district

Niavaran rental apartments

Living in niavaran district and you can take full advantage of lively, cosmopolitan atmosphere that attracts many to this region of Tehran. Especially if you want to escape the hustle and the bustle of center of Tehran, we highly recommend to choose one of the suitable furnished apartments and flats based on your demand. Serviced apartment in niavaran are sleek and modern. You can rent a 2-bedrrom apartment in niavaran for a price range 1200 dollar and expect 24 hour security and responsive management. 

Suites for rent in Niavaran district

A typical studio in Niarvaran district is around d 5o to 60 square meters. What you would expect from a furnished studio in rent Iran apartment is self-contained apartment which commonly includes a large room which serves as living, dining room and rarely as bedroom as well. Often furnished studios you rent from our agency have one fully furnished room. This alone distinguishes Niavaran studios from single room occupancy unites. If you have  a tight budget then pick one of the studio apartments in Niarvaran for a price range of 600$ dollars or less depending on the time span you wish to spend here.

Rental application in rent Iran apartment

After you’ve found your dream flat that matches perfectly with your both personal requirements and finances, now it’s time to understand the application process on rent Iran apartment agency- specialized in renting furnished apartment in luxury neighborhoods of Tehran. In Iran you need a valid Id card as well as your passport and banking information. You can reserve a furnished apartment in Niavran through our online agencies beforehand send your documents via email so that your residential location is booked. However, you have to sign the contract in person when you reached the location. If you are sharing the flat, you need to have your co-signer present on the spot so that both of your officially sign the contract.