Pasdaran is in district 3,4 and 1 districts of Tehran. this site was known as Sultan Abad in the past which means a suitable site for monarchy. Still this quarter is very famous part of north west of Tehran and currently is recognized as Pasdaran.

Pasdaran is bounded to Sadr expressway from north and pasdaran avenue from west. Finally, it Ends in second Boustan street

This region has disparate range of deluxe apartments and luxury houses, dominated by the extensive foliage in this street

  • Pasdaran district at a glance
  • Geographical position in Tehran: north east
  • known for: stylish commercial centers, luxury apartments, outstanding restaurants
  • Neighboring districts: Darous district
  • Access to Pasdaran district: Sadr expressway, Sayyad Shirazi highway
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • Furnished apartment price range: High

what to do in Pasdaran district?

The whole view of Tehran from the Borj Sefid skyscraper in Pasadaran

  • Borje sefid tower: have a unique experience in revolving restaurant on the top floor of Borje Sefid-white tower. The design of two store restaurants was influenced by French buffet setting. Aside from this spectacular view of restaurant and international dishes, two other stores are hotels and the other 18 floors have both commercial and business functionality.
  • Pasdaran shopping center: this mall is between Soori and Neyestan 6th streets on Pasadaran avenue. If you are looking for special occasion dress this place can provide you with good options.   

Exuberant Restaurants in Pasdaran

Giovanni Italian restaurant: flavorful Torino pasta with scrumptious presentations amplifies your appetite to its highest. The environment of Giovanni Italian restaurant in Pasdaran is designed similar to Italian street cafes and the food menu has noticeable range.

Café Roberto: Shakshooka on the menu is a runny poached egg with generous amount of mozzarella cheese and diced tomato. This option is served all days especially on the early mornings of the weekend. The eggplant sandwich is not made only for the vegetarian! As soon as you take a bite you will be a loyal fan of it for sure

Perperook fast food: square shaped pizza with fresh Basil or pepper pickles are the go-to for Perperook frequent food eaters. Wish a fast and delicious food then this restaurant in Pasdaran is the place.

Handwoven Persian carpets fair in Pasdaran

Rasam Arabzadeh Carpet Foundation: Manifestation of history in details are woven into magnificent carpets. You can either buy a silk carpet or order a patter for your self to be woven. Even if you don’t want to porches any take a look because you’ll absorb Iranian culture better than ever


Yas swimming pool: Hydrotherapy and late afternoon swim in this swimming pool can be relaxing time for the local residents. Yas swimming pool is for women only and if you only have time in the late afternoon this pool is open. During the sickness you can use it’s hydrotherapy programs as well

Hospitals in Pasdaran

  • Labbafinezhad hospital: this hospital specializes in the diseases related to Kidney and urinary tract. You can benefit from its highly modern medical equipment which are the most advanced facilities in middle east.  
  • Heravi animal hospital: the most quality and affordable pet care services following your need are offered in Heravi animal hospital. Make sure to visit there so that you can benefit from preventive pet healthcare merits.

Higher education sites

  • Islamic azad university dental branch

How to get there by public transportation?

  • Heravi metro station
  • Hossein abad metro station
  • Noboyad metro station

Military divisions

  • Javadallahmeh Nazjah military School