The name of the district came from the famous village in the central Europe in  France called Neauphle-le-Château It is in the district 12 of tehran. Prior to that this street was called France.

 Today this many theater halls in this district is dedicated to embracing the complexities of contemporary society and nurturing both artist numbers of artist and enthusiasts.  Many legacies have been formed in this part of Tehran. 

A fine architectural representative of these area can be found in a alley in Nofel Loshato of Tehran called “Lolagar“. In this alley you can vividly see the typical architecture of this neighborhood. The compelling point and very rare structural design is the symmetric layout on the both side of this street.

  • Nofel Loshato district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: South
  • known for: theater halls and embassies and zesty student life
  • Neighboring districts: Enghelab district, Jamalzadeh district
  • Access to Nofel Loshato district: Valiasr street
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • The price range of furnished apartment in Nofel Loshato district : Middle to low

Notable cultural center in Nofel Loshato

Vahdat hall:  Eugene Aftandilian, an Armenian architecture,  was the chief designer of this hall following the opera house in the vein. The plan of the cultural center become defiant in the 1950s and it took nearly 10 years to complete.  This theater hall was the location for many important performing art. With e vision of having the a twin hall yet unique from that in vein the latest technologies at the time were utilized in the construction of this site. This building is of four components. The part that is specifically for the performing has 3 meter height but the backstage is 4.5 meters . the Auditorium area is 6 meter height  

It’s past name is Roudaki hall. within this hall the main curtail has the motif of a phoenix which is rising from the ashes. this concept is great motif in the history of Persian history and literature.

There are two main halls,  Roudaki hall and one smaller place. On the ground level there are 4 doors. 

The foundation of this theater is 15000 square meter, and the entire surface including the space allocated to the garden and underground reach this part to the 21000 square meter.  The auditorium is designed like horse shoe balcony has the capacity of 740 sites. The exterior design resembles the indentation of Achaemenid in the Persepolis historical structure.   

The actual place of the orchestra is on the south part of this hall and in it has the capacity of revolving and descending. The interior decoration is consisted of the unnumbered polygons in a wasp nest. Circular crystal chandelier on the 19 meter height, plaster work and 63 lights on the ceiling all of these in contrast with the stairs which are made of black marbles. 

Sport centers

Heydarnia Stadium: Heydarnia has one of the best squash court in Tehran and Iran. This sports complex is exactly on the entering part of Noufel shato street in the 12 district. 

cultural centers

  • Iran calligraphers association: This organization serves in favor of professional in the field of Persian calligraphy
  • Nofel Loshato Theater This theater is known as Nofel Shato mansion and it is a very active and over here you can see exceptional shows. On the top of that in Nofel Shato theater you have this chance to meet up with your favorite director and artist.
  • Independent Theater of Tehran: This theater is a designated center for the the independent shows and artist through out the spectrum of active actors, actress and directors. Independent theater of Tehran has successfully executed the show of ” the wind shakes the windows”, “sleep in your dreams”, the forth generation of the operators and many more notable works. You can find the site of this center here.

Finest restaurants of Nofel Loshato

Wooden setting with vertical pillars inspires south American style

  • Pantry Pizza: Mexican foods with sizzled onions and tomato sauce all of these is served on stone plate. The exclusive signature dish of Pantry pizza in the Nofel Loshato district.
  • Reera Cafe Restaurant: in the retrospect this restaurant is a personal intake of world favorite dishes. Pitta bread with Falafel and two side sauces and salad is a real delight. The chef in the Reera cafe restaurant has used the all the fine elements of other nations cuisine to his own advantage and over there you get to experience a personal intake of world-known recipes.the most uncommon  items on the menu is the Abdo khiar which is a Persian summer cold soup. Surly if you are not true local you haven’t came across this dish before. This cool appetizer is made of Persian yogurt and many nuts and greens- an aromatic and unexpected combination. Reera restaurant cafe is on the corner of Hafez avenue and Nofel Loshato street. 

Diplomatic center

  • Embassy of the Italian republic
  • Embassy of France
  • Embassy of Russia
  • Vatican Embassy