Close to 10.000 permanent residents, Bagh-e Saba was once a county side for the Qajar Royalties. Today this crowded zone of Tehran is in the 7th district and very close to the main lines of the city.

This region is enclosed by Shahid Motahari street on the end it extends to Bahar-e Shirazi street in the south. From west and east Bagh-e saba is bounded to Yousefian street and Shariati street.

The social stratification of this sub-region moves toward the residents who lived here for a long time. They have often inhabited here since 40 years ago.  

In the proximity of this neighborhood, there are unlimited cafes and restaurants and once you start to live here you never run out of options!

  • Bagh-e saba district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: Center
  • It is known for: Authentic urban fabric
  • Neighborhood districts:  South Sohrevadi
  • Access to boulevard Bagh-e saba: Shariati street
  • Subway station: It is available
  • Bus station: it is not available
  • the price range of furnished apartment in Bagh-e saba district: Middle to High

Aromatic sense of oriental cuisines in Begh-e Saba

Baghe saba traditional restaurant: walking into this dining house you climb down some stairs and face a Persian temple with innumerable arches and plaster works on the wall and in each porch. On the corner of this restaurant, there is a diminutive tea house serving a diverse range of herbal tea and juices. 

Alongside its distinctive architecture, Mouth-watering Ghormeh sabzi in little individual copper pots with roasted potatoes on the pile saffron rice gives you a good introductory serving of Persian dishes. The only brow furrow aspect of Bagh-e saba traditional restaurant is its limited range of desserts which perhaps can be compensated by its generous portions! Another inventory feature of this dining house is its Iranian live music on the weekends.This restaurant is on the intersection of Shariati and Baqeri Shabestari street in Bagh-e Saba neighborhood

Succulent Chicken wings in the middle of your pizza

Morghabie Ziba Fast Food:  this fast food restaurant is a tribute to Gilan -a city in the north of Iran in which ducks and chickens are regular poultries. The improvisation of the owner lies in the combination of ordinary pizza with the marinated chicken meats and wings. Morghabie Ziba fast-food has street style café setting, this means that in the crowded nights you may have to sit on the chairs in the pedestrians.        

Smoky roasted burgers on the late nights

Machee pizza: fast service is the number one glittering quality of this burger and Kentucky restaurant in bagh-e saba. Are you hungry and impatient at the end of the night? Stop by this place and have a quick plateful burger.        

An exposition of sub-regions of ancient Persia in Bagh-e Saba

The City Photo Museum: do you come from a generation of digital cameras? It is time to visit the city photos museum of Tehran on the southwest of Bagh-e saba. Ther are old box cameras, miniature ones, and even instant video cameras. This exhibition is a worthy place to upgrade your knowledge and you’ll able to go through it city by city displays which illustrate the sight of Iran’s old days for you vividly. This museum is on Bahar-e Shirazi street on the south part of this zone.    

Acting workshops and majestic theater shows

  • Malek theater:
  • Iran Cinema:


  • Shahrvand store
  • Shaid Avini park

Nearby subway stations

  • Shahid Mofateh metro station

Where to fill up your car gas?

  • Bahar Shiraz 155 gas station
  • Sohravardi 133 gas station