Zafaranieh is a neighborhood in the northen part of Tehran. The connotation of Zafaranieh district in Tehran comes from the elite essence of saffron which was the dominant color of two royal palaces within this area.

These mansions were significant signs of inhabitation also were indications on the routes. They helped others to find their location. Zafaranieh district is bounded by Shariati street, Valiasr street, and Mohammadi Amir Abadi street.

This section of Tehran has a lot to offer. Zafaranieh in the second zone and this first district of Tehran has a reputation for wealth and affluence. Velanjak river in this neighborhood put the base for the pristine climate within this area.

Zafaranieh is right in the center and the pick of Tehran with a glance on the map can be easily found. This zone is situated where the plain land of Alborz mountain starts. Two neighbors of this district are the deluxe zone Velenjak and Tajrish districts situated in the north Valiasr and Mahmoodieh.

At the time of Pahlavi I, this area which prior to that was farmland received more attention. The first urban road with the aim of facile transportation was built during this time. At the time there were multiple gardens in Zafaranieh and the most notable one was Zand Karimi garden, a visionary foliage private garden that defined this area with all the aspects.

Urban fabrication varies in different locations in this zone. On the most northern part, rustic social stratification is mostly present. Descending toward the south there is a significant paradigm of modern constructions. The diversity and innovation in the buildings of Zafaranieh set this zone apart from other areas of Iran’s capital city.

Unlike its reputation, there is not a long record projecting the past of this zone. Less than a century ago due to the usability and availability of neighboring districts, growth, expansion, and advancement occurred in Zafaranieh. Today Pelza and Palladium commercial centers are popular shopping centers among all the visitors and residents of Tehran.

Zafaranieh Garden residential complex

An iconic structure in Zafarnieh- a fine representative of a luxury apartment in the northern part of Tehran. The head architect of this masterpiece was Mehran Khoshroo. The total measurement for each unit is 215 to 750 square meters. The chief material used in this modern apartment in the upmost part of Tehran was concrete material. But it’s innovation is out of typical imagination.

Rent Apartment in Zafaraniyeh

The total measurement of Zafaranieh Garden is 30,360 square meters. This put this piece of architecture among the vast building. The total number of flats in this highly extended complex is merely 15 floors. With the consideration of all the amenities, the number of flats are designed very wisely and the residents have maximum comfort.

A pool with the infinity view is set on the roof of Zafaranieh Garden residential complex and, the surrounding provides a total sense of liberty and peace. This residential type orient from the south to the north. On the south, there is a roof garden as part of the rooms designed for the residents to enjoy the area.

Each flat in this complex is highly luminous due to the exclusive design. The flat is proportioned and box-shaped, adding multiple windows to the four corners of each section. This site has exclusive arrangement of cuboid division.

The lobby of this modern and contemporary-made piece of artistry is highly innovative. For the eye of a first-time visitor, the vast marble floor with a similar box in the entrance for the purpose of waiting and occasional meetings is very creative. In addition to that, many windows on both walls create a unique and diverse residential passage.

Rent Apartment in Zafarniyeh

As part of indoor facilities on the base floor, a 200-hundred-meter swimming pool is cautiously designed. Besides this, many amenities are meticulously embedded in the plan of this complex. Residents enjoy squash court, fitness center, and an exclusive billiard salon.

There are unnumbered applications for the perspective users, from youth to the elderly, comfort and peace were taken into consideration. Other joyous parts of this apartment are the aqua center. That includes an indoor pool for both adults and children, in addition to the dry and steam Suna, jacuzzi and carefully designed massage and relaxation space.

In the lobby area, the premium spatial device is cubic waiting rooms which act as a connector of stairs to the main salon of the lobby. Also, this gives frame to the whole indoor structure and correlates very well with the exterior outlet.

A guide for prospective tenants of Zafaranieh

The span of choices for renting in Zaferanieh is varied. Once you downsized your number of choices and made a firm decision to put Zafaranieh area on the top of your list, we highly recommend reviewing these steps. The target is that you prepare a checklist of all the requirements and you don’t end up surprised or miss out on anything.

Rentting apartment in Zafaraniyeh

First of all, how long is your tenancy? pick up your calendar and set the dates precisely. By the rule of thumb, often people know that the minimum length for a period of tenancy in the megacity of Tehran is at least six months. But that shouldn’t get on your way of occasional expenditures or business travels to this city.

If you are among the stream of digital nomads and have a business trip on your plan, you should know the four tech-savvy cities in Iran. Those are Tehran, Shiraz, Noshahr, and Isfahan. As part of being a digital nomad and foreigner, you may alter your location not only within the cities of Iran but also between the districts of these cities many times.    

So the best alternative is short term furnished apartments in metropolitan cities of Iran such as Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Mazandaran, and Kish.

Renting a Furnished Apartment in Zafaranieh: Know these steps

Identity control specifically as foreigner would be on the priority when you are in the process of finding the right accommodation. Based on the type of your residency, typical ID check requirements are your national ID card, passport, visa and bank statement of credit card check.

Now the most Overwhelming step is entering into a contractual agreement in these cities, more particularly Tehran. Perhaps, first of all, the thought of positive initial impression and building that bilateral connection with your landlord may frustrate you.

In a typical tenant-landlord encounter this is important. However, Via modern systems, the burden of going through the phase of putting a positive impact on the property owner is not crucial or as necessary as it seems. In this agency One-o-one meetings with Rent Iran Apartment agents are set up and they will assist you thoroughly.

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As a tenet, you need to have a professional look. Once you are setting up that checklist, you have to have this thought in your mind. How you achieve this is by reading all the articles of the contracts and do your best to understand all the terms and conditions of any agreement you want to go through.

As it is compulsory don’t forget to ask the property owner to hand out a copy of the contract after you compromised all the articles of the contract. At this stage double-check every single condition you wish to be available in the flat you’ve picked. The issues you have to certainly consider are the amount of compensation and as a tenet, you are supposed to provide once you postponed the evacuation date.

check the financial substitution you have to give beforehand, partially as deposit and also as confirmation in the case of destruction and vandalism.

The third most important point you need to go through carefully is the terms of cancelation of contract and the conditions each party should follow if early termination is done from one specific side.

Other steps that are essential are prior thought about the deposit cap and deposit protection. The private owners hold the finance as deposit or others may insure it.

This signifies the deposit can be used as a replacement for mentioned forbidden changes or destructions to the property. But pay extra attention if they are contravening the tenant fee or they are not a replacement for the irresponsibility of a provision of tenant fees.

After these three important factors, you should the allowance of pets, number of them and the inhabitation conditions. Ask about the criteria for noise pollution and smoking terms.

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How much renting an apartment actually cost Zafaranieh?

You already know by now that the expenses you need to cover are above average. But how much should you expect to pay in 2019 for renting 1- or 2-bedroom apartment in Zafaranieh.

If you are considering to relocate and want to have six months to one-year residency in this neighborhood, then the average price point you are obliged to pay ranges from 100,000 dollars deposit and a monthly payment of 3 to 4 thousand dollars for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment.

The good news is that on Rent Iran Apartment you don’t have to pay a deposit. Renting an apartment in luxury districts of Tehran and other cities such as Mashhad is free of deposit. The price tag set on the available apartments is cheaper and doable for many types.

The second-best alternative for short term tenant in Tehran

Let’s narrow down the range of accommodation that is put in front of you if you are among tourists or those who want to travel to Tehran for a business trip. Most importantly they are all the finest choices for the digital nomads.

Today successful trade owners go for medium-term rentals. Short to medium term rentals are the best shortcut for hazardous of the long-term renting procedure and they usually their terms start with a minimum of one month to maximum one year.

Renting a furnished apartment is the wisest substitute. The contract of short-term rentals is shortened and within one, you only encounter a series of limited responsibilities for the tenants. The price range if fixed and fair considering the facilities you receive. The best option is that you have this chance of residency in many luxurious districts.

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