Velenjak was Once a diminutive rural area but today it is the most affluent district of Tehran. This region is in the first district of Tehran  and it is very close to the View of the mountain range in the north of Tehran. The geographical location of velenjak demanded highly innovative architectural structures since on both north and south there is a breathtaking landscape serving the visual loveliness you wish to encounter every morning and night from your window sights. excellent climate of Velenjak is a boosting point corresponding to all other features that this zone has.

Real estate in Velenjak has the highest rate in Tehran which is comprehensible considering all the benefits you get when you go for an apartment in this deluxe area of Tehran. luxuriant attribute of this zone applies to the frequent residents of Velenjak as People here are the wealthy dwellers-often Diplomats.

With the primary residency usage, within velenjak, you see fewer numbers of financial and corporate sectors and there are more leading-edge research institutes and higher education sites.

Looking for a furnished apartment and you can find the finest places with private patios in velenjak. This is a good deal when you consider the price range of purchasing a property and real-estate in this part of tehran. Renting furnished apartment can be the most convenient experience for you.

  • Velenjak district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: north
  • It is known for: Delux houses and breathtaking visionary
  • Neighborhood districts: Darakeh, Evin
  • Access to velenjak: Daneshjou
  • Subway station: it is not available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • Furnished apartment price range: high

Landmarks of velenjak

Roof of Tehran is in velenjak district

Tochal Sports and Recreation Complex: Tochal, the northern mountain range of Tehran, has the entire view of the Tehran. Following the main avenue of Velenjak and you reach to this natural phenomenon surrounded by many restaurants and cafes. Looking for a peaceful scenery you can watch millions of blinking dots in the city and on the sky.  Better than that you can ascend the mountain and go to the highest spot in the mountain range by Tochal Telecabin. This is where one of the main ski resort of Tehran lies. Beside the whole season of winter, you can book a spot for skiing in the first months of the spring and certainly, this is the best experience you’ll have in your leisure time.  

more settled entertainment? visit a museums in velenjak district of Tehran

Museum of Fine Arts: realism with a  slight amount of exaggeration in the painting of portrait specified to the Qajar families are exhibited in this museum of Tehran. This museum on the Taheri street is the permanent display hall for a scarce collection of painting, carpets and doors representing notable artistic figures from past decades of Iran history.  

Museum of Time: This museum on Kafiabadi street is the verdict of Persian rulers obsession to the Russian handmade clocks. But wait this is not all!  Once you visit this place you will be amazed by the constructional features flaunting elegance of Persian architecture to the miles away.

Unbelievable food court in luminous marbles setting

Palladium shopping center: many zesty events are being held in this commercial center on the Moghadas Ardebili street in Velenjak.

Other commercial centers in velenjak

Galleria Shopping Center: it is on the Sasan street and 13th street

Tochal Shopping Center: it is on the velenjak avenue

Higher education centers

top quality high schools are in and One of the highest-rated universities is in the Velenjak.

  • Manzoomeye Kherad Institute
  • Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran

Public transportation

  • Tajrish metro station
  • Velenjak bus line

Diplomatic centers

  • Embassy of Malaysia
  • Embassy of Montenegro
  • Embassy of Algeria
  • Embassy of Brunei
  • Embassy of The State of Japan