The aqueduct of flumes was the base for Niavaran district nearly hundreds years ago, this lead to the extensive flourishment of this land and consequently superb condition of living.  These didn’t stay away from the eyes of ruling dynasties in Iran, more particularly Qajar families in the 19 century. They initiated major constructions of summer house villas and palaces and from there a deluxe lifestyle  become the set-mark of this region in Tehran. Niavaran as whole is consisted of three sub-regions and those are Manzariyeh, Niavaran and Jamal Abad-all of them are situated in the first district of Tehran Precisely in the north.

Walking on the streets or going to Nivaran vast public park bring you an unbelievable sense of refreshment, since the alluring foliage all around this zone has amplified the quality of weather more than what you expect.

Nivaran concurrent residents are mostly two groups of people. One of them are those indigenous who have been living here for decades and the other group are newly inhabitants who are among the elite class of community. Lastly many foreigners and tourists choose this place since there are many convenient and sumptuous options within this area.

By this time you can guess that the real estate pricing in Niavaran is often skyrocketing. This is because of splendid architecture and one of kind  geographical location.

Another alternative for you could be furnished apartments in Niavaran which often have more adjust price and they are available any day you wish to visit.   

The economy in this area is bounded to the private sectors and fine educational sites and top class restaurants, rarely you can find a governmental incorporation in this zone.

Niavaran is mostly a touristic site because of its landmarks -Niavaran palace complex is a fine sample of this. For domestic resident is a place in which they entertain themselves because of its uncounted amenities and infrastructure such as specialized sport centers, art galleries and fine health care services. What do you think about this zone of Tehran So far ? Write us your thoughts.

  • Niavaran district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: north
  • It is known for: historical places, luxurious apartments, great climate
  • Neighborhood districts: jamaran, kashanak, Dezashib, Ajudaniye
  • Access to Niavaran district: Chamran highway, Shariati street, Bahonar street
  • Subway station: It is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • Furnished apartment price range: High

Where to visit if you are in Niavaran district of Tehran?

Glimmering mirror works in Tehran most excellent palace

Niavaran palace complex: masonry works and polygon brick facade of Qajar villas facing the monolith marble, mozaic exterior design and handmade tiles on the entrance of Pahlavi buildings are the features of Niavaran palace.

Fath-ali shah Qajar the second king of Qajar dynasty was the first person who build a country villa in southern eastern part of Niavaran, later the precedents of him, Nasereddin Shah Qajar, went further and ordered the construction of two more  palaces –Sahebqaraniyeh Palace, and the Ahmad shah palace. Triangle roof tops for the colder seasons and flat design for warmer times of the year are the features of these two palaces. On the other hand Mohammad Reza Shah had a divers approach for his own vision of Royal residential area. He made a vaster palace with high ceiling and rectangle entrance as well as astonishing windows that have view of pool. Within this complex you get to see many wonders beside learning about the lifestyle of Iran’s kings. Shah Exclusive Cars Museum and Jahan Nama museum are two other sites dedicated to the personal car collection of Mohammad Reza shah and modern arts gathering of Farah Pahlavi.

Multiple yard and Persian gardens of this complex are the site for the summer concert as well. So depending on the season you taste a different version of this place each and every time.  

An architectural design with measured element of traditions

Niavaran Cultural Center: this cultural center is on the top level toward the descending man-made flumes and fountains that goes to the end of the garden. Kamran Diba designed a magnificent cultural center with a hope that each units such as theater,  galley and library have independence and unique separation.

Within the library you see uncommon model of arts such as visionary installations at the core of this place and while you are there you can discover unknowns of ancient Persia from it’s up-to-dated collection of documents and books. Going to another part and you can see that the Art gallery is like a maze! memorizing you from the first frame on the wall to the it’s nesting hallways and the last picture at the end of the exposition salon. cafeteria -restaurant with a view of cascading pool doubled the luxuriant effects and by the time you drink a cup of salty coffee you are plotting to explore other parts of this modern cultural center. Perhaps the theater with  the capacity of nearly 300 sits is your next stop! This auditorium has compelling programs each and every day. Buy a ticket with a nice price and enjoy a show!

Tallest and oldest cedar trees in Niavaran park

  • Nivaran park

International art gallery in adjacency of niavaran park

  • Shams Art Gallery

Avant-garde restaurants and local cafes

  • Karzin Cafe
  • Chaman Pizza

Elite sports club in Niavaran district

  • Arash Ajoudaniyeh Commercial Complex
  • Ariana Shooting Club

Nearby health care services

  • Noorafshar hospital

How to commute from Niavaran district via public transportation?

It is advised that you use your personal vehicle when you want to commute from Niavaran district to other zones of Tehran. However, if that’s not possible the closest subway station is in Tajrish.

Diplomatic center

  • Embassy of the republic of Tajikistan