Aqdasiyeh region was Once owned by Amine Aqdas ,one of Naser al-din Shah Qajar spouses, and still this first district of Tehran carries the name after many years. This land used to be a monolith agricultural building a mansion for Amine. later many royal families started to choose Aqdasiyeh as their domiciles and horticultural lands in 18th century. Aqdasiyeh is located in the northeast of Tehran in shemiran.

Today the access to this area is very facile for you, since many novel highways are constructed. For an instant access to Aqdasiyeh you can follow Artesh highway in the north. Depending on your location you can also go there by Emam Ali highway on the east and Langari street on the west.

Even though in the cold seasons of Tehran temperature falls drastically, this district has sustainable and high-quality weather in most of the times of the year.

Aqdasiyeh district at a glance:

Geographical position in Tehran: North

•        It is known for: cultural sites, deluxe apartments and environment

•        Neighborhood districts: ElahiyehOzgol  

•        Access to Aqdasiyeh : Sadr expressway

•        Subway station: it is available

•        Bus station: it is available

•  Furnished apartment price range: High

Mysterious and ancient maps of Iran in Aqdasiyeh

  • Tehran map museum: Are you a history and map enthusiasts? Have you ever wondered about the mysteries of ancient Persia? Tehran map museum-this rare treasure was collocated with tireless efforts of contemporary intellectual figures of Iran such as professor Mohammad Hassan Ganji. Better news is that there are scarce maps of the world within this museum. Antique documents of lands belonging to the royals are another part of this exhibition. The show stopper of this fair is for sure Abdolqfar map. This map truly illustrates the details of the Tehran record including all the churches, a district belonging to Europeans and important education centers. It’s a real reflection of the past of Tehran. Go there and make sure to read all the details with a high level of sensitivity so that your mental picture of Iran capital city becomes vivid.

Creativity in architecture reaches to its highest level

Tehran might not have a seashore but the contemporary Iranian architects don’t compromise inclusion of an infinite pool in their designs in Aqdasiyeh. glass House within apartments Surrounded by tropical greenery as well as touch of minimalism turned this district to the center of marvelous villas and penthouses.   

Mall of jewelry in this zone

  • Aqdasiyeh commercial center: this mall in Aqdasiyeh is a compact shopping center mostly for luxurious items such a watches and jewelry. Intending to go to Aqdasiyeh mall? we assure you that you can find brands you have always wanted.    

A diverse range of restaurants in Aqdasiyeh

  • Aqdasiyeh restaurant: this restaurant doesn’t have a unique setting and the ambiance design is not modern and compelling, yet this eating place is one of the oldest in the area and the food preparation is done based on the aged recipes. We suggest you give Halim bademjan a try! This savory food is made of eggplant and slow cooked meat.
  • Pizza Market: this small fast food restaurant is all about cheesy dishes! Want to enjoy a roasted hotdog with extra cheese and special sauce on the side? So don’t think twice and go there.   
  • Echino Fast food: economical price with vegan options and a customized sandwich for those who are on a diet. Are you one of them? Enchino fast food is on the northeast of Aqdasiyeh and you can go there by following Golzar street.

Royal experience in Aqdasiyeh sport centers

  • Nobonyad sports complex: one of the best soccer, as well as track and field arena, is in Nobonyad complex in Aqdasiyeh. are pursuing other sports such as tennis and bodybuilding? Experienced coaches actively work there and you can train under supervision of them while have relaxing time.  
  • Aqdasiyeh Royal Gym: unscrew your muscles in the massage and spa house after a demanding gym session in Aqdasiyeh Royal gym. The top feature of this sports site is it’s oxygen generator which ensures that you have the most pleasant time there. This gym is on Bastan alley in Aqdasiyeh.

Go for a morning jogging in public parks

  • Araj park: once you step there pine trees will encircle you and reviving air will motivate you for physical activities. This park has facilities for kids and pergola so it’s evenings are Scrumptious as well!

Certified doctors from all around the world in Nikan hospital in Aqdasiyeh

  • Nikan hospital: care with kindness and sympathy are characteristics of Nikan hospital staffs. The green award from Germany confirm that your issues will be resolved by the hands of experts.    

Public transportation in Aqdasiyeh

  • Nobonyad metro station

Military department in Aqdasiyeh

  • Ministry of defense: this protective place is on the west of Aqdasiyeh on Langari street. Make sure to follow the rules and don’t take any pictures from this site!