Perhaps you have a plan to travel to shiraz or maybe you want to buy a property or rent a new flat in an exquisite district of Shiraz, or maybe you aim to find a better district in shiraz and relocate to. In either case, it is beneficial to know about the best zones of Shiraz.

Luxury districts in Shiraz

The most distinctive divisions of shiraz are Sattarkhan, Maali Abad, Farhang Shahr, Ghasro Dasht, Eram, Molasadra, and Ghodousi Gharb. The northern zones of shiraz are 1 to 6 in this city. From the point of view of urban facilities and urban construction, these parts have the finest infrastructure in comparison with others.

Adventurous travelers or immigrants would see major difference between the northern part and the southern side of this city. Although the municipality of Shiraz recently has brought its point of attention to the southern sides as well , and recently there has been a major development in all corners of Shiraz. In the recent period, Shiraz municipality created multiple public parks in these zones and altered the quality of life for better.

Luxury districts in Shiraz

Shiraz is certainly among the megacities of Iran and paradoxically it has the cleanest weather and finest type of the climate. Due to the less congestion of the urban development in this city and a less dense population in shiraz the quality of the weather is higher than what is anticipated. Also, the moderation of climate in shiraz means neither there would be a severe winter nor and very hot summer.

The average rainfall in Shiraz on the general scale is 337 millimeters. As a point of contrast to Tehran which has 220-millimeter average rainfall.

One of the privileges of staying in the shiraz is that you will have the best public transportation system in your hand. Shiraz subway was inaugurated in 2011 and since then it has developed into six different lines. Another point of advantage in Shiraz is that there is no traffic in the level of madness. In metropolitan cities of Iran such as Tehran or Mazandaran, the traffic congestion in certain houres would be maddening.

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This all means that in shiraz you can save up finance as much as you want to. Also, with the availability of major transportation providers in Iran known as Snap and Tapsi in this city, you won’t face any problems in terms of commuting. The ubiquitous of these two make transportation easier than ever and you can go to any tourist attraction or any entertainment center.

Luxury districts in Shiraz
Luxury District of Shiraz

There are many commercial centers in the Shiraz and cultural city has been one of the urban sites for major investor and constructors in the recent decade. The most notable stylish and chic trade center is Persian Gulf Shopping Center. From the point of view of measurement, this shopping mall ranks the sixth among the biggest commercial centers in the world. Within Khalij Fars the vastest branch of chain grocery shopping is present and Hyperstar one of the most known and trusted trades-mark has a massive convenient store there. Within this commercial center, there are 2500 shops with different brands. Khalij Fars mall is located in the most northern part of shiraz- Shahrak-e Golestan and it is one of the most favorable sites for many in this city.

The next best mall in the shiraz is Aftab complex in shiraz. this commercial center is also located in the northern part of the shiraz and it is precisely in the Maali abad. In the 8 floors of this second most favorable commercial center, there are 237 shops and you can enjoy (wander) around or purchase clothing items and bags, perfume and tech products.

Eram district in Shiraz

Luxury districts in Shiraz
Eram Garden in Shiraz

Eram in shiraz is one of the most famous zones in this city. This steer is one of the beauties of this city and has an outstanding urban architecture. Eram zone starts from Eram square and Daneshjou boulevard, this part of shiraz continues until Azadi street in shiraz. there are many notable locations in this district and to name some and those are Eram park, Azadi park, Shatter Abbas restaurant and unnumbered café and dining houses.

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Sattar khan zone in Shiraz

This notable boulevard is precisely in the center of Shiraz and extends to the west of this city. Sattar khan is the number one district of Shiraz. this district is located next to Afif Abad garden. One of the oldest and most pleasant gardens in the shiraz is Afif Abad which shows the aesthetic side of Persian gardens in true sense. This garden is 13 hundred hectare and has kept its simplicity and beauty from ages ago.

One of the most popular restaurants in this part of shiraz is Brentin Restaurant which serves unique traditional Shirazi cuisines. Sattar khan from the north is bounded to Motahari boulevard and toward the south, it is surrounded to via Besat expressway. Two subway stations in the adjacency of this neighborhood are Avini and martyr Motahari subway station

The price point for chic and luxury apartments in Sattar Khan district in shiraz starts from 150$ dollars for each square meter.

Maali Abad district in Shiraz

Maali Abad is the ancient name of this affluent zone in Shiraz. this district has another name known as Dr.shriaiti. Maali Abad is one of the greenest zone in the shiraz-the city of culture and art. The core of this part of shiraz is Qasr-e Dasht gardens and this garden covers a vast part of Maali abad district in shiraz. On top of that, the finest educational centers are also in this part of shiraz.  

Farhang Shahr zone in Shiraz

On the left side of the Qasr-e Dasht garden, Farhang Shar district is situated and it has widened toward the north and south of the western section of shiraz. in the adjacency of this neighborhood imam Khomeini expressway gives one of the best accessibilities to the other parts of shiraz. in the center of this zone, there are many recreational centers. With close proximity, walnut and pomegranate garden is one of the natural site residents can enjoy and spend time at in Farhang Shahr district.

Luxury districts in Shiraz
Qasr Dasht Garden

Qasr Dasht Division in shiraz

Qasr Dasht is located right on the southeast of Afif Abad. In this district, the university of medical science of shiraz one of the most important higher education centers in Iran is situated in this zone. The infrastructure in this district is noticeably better than other populated section of shiraz. In line with the finest university of Iran, one of the top hospitals located right next to Kholde Barin Park in Qasre Dasht district.