Short term housing has changed the game of real estate in the recent times. Not many are responding to that generic model in which you had to save up your finance and then buy an apartment or villa for uncompromisable price, and as if this wasn’t enough later you have to start furnishing your flat and add all the extra details and crafts. Many different short term housing options and accommodations are available out there each one has some advantage and drawbacks.  Depending on your type of stay there is a more convenient solution for all these hardships and that’s for sure furnished apartments in divers districts of Tehran and other cities of Iran. Here is Why?

Why and why not bother with Hotels?

Hotels in Tehran
  • Hotels: You get beautiful design, scent, extravagant amenities in which you can throw conferences and hold events. There are some exceptional services in hotel no one denies that! You have in-house restaurants and occasionally they may spoil you with welcoming and leaving gifts. You will find everything from the exterior, to interior designed with tremendous care and attention. All this may even keep you wondering about that presidential suit on the VIP floor but reconsider you preference because this means that you have to pay an unimaginable price for one night, since suits are the most expensive accommodations in a hotel. Moreover, the availability and serviceability of a suit in a sumptuous hotel will vary by person and season.

What about flat sharing?

  • Home sharing: Perhaps occasionally your loyal friends will invite you to their flats and initially you enjoy sharing many moments with them and your stay. But this is not all because after sometime you need to figure out your situation and  go for more privacy. Above all even sharing flats with strangers involves some risk. First of all you have to go through that difficult process of finding a stranger and you may or may not get along. The biggest obstacles is that you can’t share property contents insurance! vivid interpretation of this is that if some of the compartments in the flat fractures or get destroyed you cant resolve issues smoothly.  So there is no assurance of compensation, on the top of that if you you’ll face another dispute with your landlord as well.
Accommodation in tehran

Accommodation with no Headache and no Venture in Tehran

Furnished apartment: A furnished apartment in Iran or flat equals a super luxury suit in a hotel. Purpose-built flats and furnished apartments allow business travelers to book in uniform and choose predictable neighborhoods to stay. Versatile options and full independence of choice is the all time perks of renting a furnished apartment, more importantly in rent Iran apartment you can rent an apartment under the name of more than one person at the time, and content insurance is exclusively mentioned on the contract so that you can have complete certainty over the ease of returning the flat, finally your exit is easier than checking out from a hotel room!

renting furnished apartment tehran

If you are in process of moving to your new home and want to have more ease in the process of moving, short term furnished apartments are better option over hostel and even flat sharing with strangers or friends.

Advantages of short-term furnished apartments in Iran and more importantly in Tehran rely in the entity of bilateral insurance, full-time room service and no extra commission for the tenants and no charge policy until you are given the keys and are satisfied with the statue of the place. check out our available furnished apartments here.