This old neighborhood has affirmative reputation in terms of originality of both it’s structural frame and people. Yousef abad is in the 6th district of Tehran and it was founded in the Nasseredin Shah Qajar period by the direct influence of Mirza Yousef Ashtiani-a diplomat in this era.

Yousef Abad is among one of  those luscious lands in Tehran with tall cedars in the outline of streets. Natural greenery and the geographical position of Yousef Abad has contributed to it’s fine climate.

The urban fabrication of this part of Tehran has preserved it’s old structure. However, gradually many old building have been replaced by modern and stylish apartments and commercial centers.  And the indigenous of Yousef Abad often have had long term residency in this area, consequently once you choose Yousef Abad as your target district to live in, it’d be very likely that you will stay here longer than what you expect since the east of Tehran has very divers spirit in comparison with the other zones.

Other than it’s vivid urban layout, entertainment and convenience resources are available in unlimited numbers. Therefore, certainly you won’t spend weekends being bored and irritated.

From the aerial shots Yousef Abad is an interesting location to look at.with Farhang square in the center of this zone Yousef Abad resembles a drop shape. Tehran has two square with the same name of  Farhang in Tehran, but the one that is in the Yousef Abad is a fine place filled with intriguing restaurants and coffee shops and entertainment attractions for the people to spend their time there.

Yousef Abad is also a preferable place for the many minor and major corporations that’s because it’s infrastructure is suitable for a proper initiation of businesses. For instance Ofogh Koroush Headquarter (a major chain store in Iran) is in this sub region of Tehran.

The access to this neighborhood of Tehran is done by Kordestan and Hemat expressways and Valiasr street.

  • Yousef abad district at a glance
  • Geographical position in Tehran: north east
  • It is known for: cultural sites, restaurants and excellent weather
  • Neighborhood districts: Amir Abad, Apadana, South south Sohrevardi, Tavanir
  • Access to yousef abad: Hakim expressway, Kordestan expressway
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • Price range of furnished apartment in Yousef abad district: High

What to do in the Yousef Abad district of Tehran?

Today Yousef abad street is known by the name Seyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi  and descending this route on the south of Farhang square you see multiple  public parks and uncommon locations.

A mini French castle in Yousef Abad!

  • Shafagh park: located on the southern side of Farhang square in tehran, This  park was inaugurated in 1966. However, in the older days this part of Yousef Abad was a military camp.  In the 60ies by the aim of major renovation in tehran and creating usable construction for the common people Kamran Diba the chief designer of Architect team had fusion plans in his head. He created a plan for a mini french castle with ancient Italian squares in the middle in Shafagh park. He used this elements in his design due to the land structure of Yousef Abad ground.  

Synagogue-worship place for the Jewish community of Tehran

  • Yusef abad synagogue: this seeable site is a communal Jewish house with different compartments for the prayers. Yousef abad synagogue was opened in the 1951 for the active Jewish society who demanded to have a central location for their gatherings and prayers. The interior architecture of this worship site is embellished  with glittering golden colors and pure Persian turquoise all over the detailed wood carvings. You can see these fine features specially around the sitting area of chief Rabbani- Jewish spiritual leader. Hebrew calligraphy is seen all over handmade tiles and wood works in this holy place in Yousef Abad.  Whether you are part of this community and want to get involved or solely wish to visit this magnificent site you can find Yousef Abad synagogue on the 15th street on the down part of Farhang square.

Sama dance and recreational performances in Yousef Abad

  • Da theater hall: Low luminous area amplifies the sense of mystery and spiritual elevation.  Here in the Da theater hall of Yousef Abad in Tehran interior brick walls and partial lightning on each corridors is the reminiscent of combinational concerts and performances. Da theater hall is on the 6.1th street of Yousef Abad and if you wish to pay a visit or get information about Da house show calendar see it’s website here.

Weekly poster displays and monthly installation show

  • Azad art gallery: This art galley between Fathi Shaqaqi street and 6.1 street has wholly dedicated it’s show program to the poster designs and modern installation displays. Azad Art Galley has had displays for the world-known artist such as Frédéric Léglise ( Self-portrait of my shadows) and creative domestic artists.
  • Seyhoun Art Gallery: founded in the 1966, this art gallery has a glorious record of distinctive shows and  a wealthy collocation of 1200 pieces of art works. Seyhoun art gallery is on the Salmas Square in Yousef Abad. For specific information you can visit the galley website here.  

Where to eat in Yousef Abad?

Juicy roasted vegetables and stuffed potato are just some of the side dishes of Avani cafe

Avani Cafe & Restaurant:  off-the scale delicious steak with an erupting hot sauce on the roasted potato makes this dish impossible to ignore. this restaurant is a personal intake of french cuisine in the middle of Yousef Abad. and the whole setting mostly wooden which makes it more amicable. This cafe and restaurant is on the Asadabadi street

This cafe is open to you from the early hours of morning until the late momentum at night! You can guess that it’s menu is encyclopedic and we tell you that it’s food is also photogenic! a bread bowl of sultry soup from this cafe is not just a feed for you social media, more than that it’s a fulfilling meal for your starvation.  

Exclusive painting on the delightful cups of koocheh cafe

Koocheh cafe: slender glasses of uncommon mid-day beverages and multi store smoothies in Koocheh cafe will be your to go orders. This cafe is on the Bisotun street in the Yousef abad. If you go there the mid gray colors on the walls and stairs to the upper floor along with the rectangle fireplace will add more to your comfy relaxation momentum.

Traditional Persian restaurant with the aura of rural coziness

Torghabe Restaurant: Salad buffet with unbelievable range of greens are available each and every night in the Torghabeh restaurant in the Yousef Abad. Mortar covering and Persian blue embellishments on the wall of this restaurant give you the vibe of a rural cottage in Iran.

Caesar salad in coconut bowl

Meikhosh Pizza: huge portions of Caesar salad in the Meikhosh pizza should be on your list of orders. This restaurant is on the Shahriyari street

Most-trusted confectionery in Tehran

  • Bibi pastry: you can find one of the most delicious daily made cakes in this pastry shop in this district. Bibi confectionery is reputable for it’s chocolate cakes all round Tehran.

Infrastructure in Yousef Abad

  • Ministry of interior hall
  • Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences – University of Tehran
  • Moheb Kosar Hospital
  • Iran Veterinary Organization

How to reach to yousef abad by public transportation?

  • Mirza-ye shirazi metro station  
  • Meydan-e jahad
  • BRT line 7