As a foreigner in Iran, you find Rial and Toman two official interchangeable currencies in the cities of Iran. Spacially for commercial purposes, this may turn into a confusing concept if you are new in Iran.

No matter what group you belong to, the budget is the first exciting or maybe frustrating issue on your travel agenda. The rules are that you should always plan anything you want to actualize. For that, the one that has the biggest chunk and it is the bigger eater of your budget plate should come first on your list of plans. This is the case for managing your budget with every penny in your pocket.

What costs the most on a trip to Iran?

First of all, the city you choose for traveling should be on your top priority. Each city criteria differs from the other one and comparably the cost varies. You don’t want to show up in Tehran while having the budget of trekking in the southern side of Iran!

This is not to say that Tehran is a costly city. Yet, expenses are higher than nomadic adventure you may wish to go on. The estimated expenses for moderate to luxury accommodations in this city are higher, so your point of desire plays a crucial role in the mapping of your travel to Iran. You don’t want to show up in an expressive district in Tehran and starve in the middle of a land you don’t properly know.

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To top that, add up expenses of a meal, transportation, all the touristic site fees, and of course your trip won’t be complete without buying a couple of items and popular souvenirs. Your list of expenses doesn’t end here as you’ve probably thought it would!

You shouldn’t forget to set aside last-minute taxi fare to the airport and home as well.

Iran currency
Manage Your Budget While on a Trip on Iran

If you go for the absolute cheapest accommodation and options out there and plan to self-cater, then you will be missing out on both healthy options and delicious bites of Persian cuisines.

A risk doesn’t worth taking! since the sense of authenticity is truly felt when you step inside Tehroonchi café and restaurant or fast and furious healthy food suppliers like Sandwich market and Bamika in Tehran and of course, you would miss tasting that Iranian Dizi you will hear all about it in your travel in this city.  The sense of discovery starts with the first bite of the food of that cities of Iran.

Preparation beforehand can drastically decrease the cost of your travel as well. Don’t forget to calculate all the things you need to have before you start your travel. Visa, insurance, all the travel gears.

The key to staying on the budget is prioritize everything. For instance, be prepared to spend long hours walking through the city so your footwear is the most important commodity you should invest in. The important thing is that you should not overinvest on is all of the trinkets your travel gear set.  Just pay for the essential always go for the quality.

Now that you’ve found the general path of saving up for the trip, you have a better motivation level to embark on your adventure in Tehran and other cities of Iran.

How to keep your money safe while traveling in Iran?

Here it comes the tricky part of your travel in Iran. By now you’ve probably heard many horror stories about baggers and maybe fraudulent in middle eastern countries. About this part of the world, these are heard more than anything else. However, you’d encounter them anywhere else and this is not a fixed scenario for Iran.

You don’t need to worry and certainly don’t need to have a money belt to keep everything safe in the place. Here we give you some tricks that will come handy and preserve you from incidents that may threat your finance.

The top recommendation for your travel in Iran is that, keep your money only in a few forms. Finding access to the international banking system has obstacle procedure and this may not be a fit for all. However, the next best option is that you get a gift card from a bank or their 24 hours budgets on the streets of the town.

The process is fairly easy after you figured out your travel and budget and estimated your expenses then change your in-hand currency with Iranian Rial in the Imam Khomeini international airport and get a gift card via bank kiosk either in the terminal or in the form, for instance, city bank kiosks in Tehran.

The automated kiosks have international languages and they provide you with the instructions. The process is fairly simple.

Other useful tips are not to walk in the doggy zones and don’t engage in bargains in which the other party changes his mind or try to force you to buy certain items.

If you are among the business travelers who reside in Iran. Both in terms of import and export, all the earnings can be changed via the electronic portal built for this target. Nima is a platform by which a foreigner can exchange currencies on a large scale. This is highly utile for those who want to have sell, import or export on a large scale and have trade partnerships in Iran. This system is designed to accelerate the promotion of trade in certain organizations.