From the most authentic sites in the south of tehran to the iconic and modern architectural constructions on the north, there is no shortage of expensive apartments in tehran. Still there are some bargains to be found among most luxurious district of this city, even when it comes to the most desirable neighborhoods.  

The districts below are the priciest zones by average one-bedroom rent in Iran’s first city.


Once you settle here you’ll have the best access to the luxurious districts of Tehran. On the other hand finding a perfect furnished apartment in Mirdamad is a facile task, since the range of apartment layouts and houses are super divers. Consequently you can expect to find that alluring place you’ve always imagined. Better than that is the bargain deals on the rent Iran apartment, allowing you to be on the top of your budget yet enjoy your temporary residency in this luxury district of Tehran.


This district of tehran used to be arboretum for many diplomatic sites in Iran’s capital city. Elahyieh quickly became a favorite spot for those who sought a premium location for their activities and dwelling. Since then many constructions and modern architectural pieces are built in Elahieyh boosting its attraction to the highest level, As a result high-end luxury apartments and commercial centers are the all time features of this region. The price range of a flat in Elahieyh is skyrocketing. However, you can rent super deluxe furnished rentals for a moderate expenses on rent Iran apartment.


In the past century here was the bedside of Qajar thrones, today after many years a huge portion of population still keep their eye on this district of Tehran. The theme of buildings in Niavaran is royal, so as you can guess house and apartment options and their decorations are extravagant. If you are a perfectionist who look for an absolute best residential experience.


This district is a center of marvelous villas and penthouses. Aqdasiyeh is on the northern part of Tehran. After the land reformation on 19 century this region was first set to the agenda of modern urban construction in 1960. In the surrounding of Niavaran palace the first series of avant-garde villas were built. Fast forward to now and modern apartment compatible with the distinct charm of Aqdasiyeh are being built frequently.


the view of mountain range and breathtaking landscape are the striking features of velenjak– serving a dream like scenery at nights and in the mornings. Velenjak is on the western side of north of Tehran and comparatively has less population. Low density allows you to commute in street in stress-free state and you’ll have access to the top shopping centers and restaurants in Tehran.