The weather in Ajudaniye district is for the most part mild and cold. Depending on the season it can have significant changes. In the Spring Ajoudanye temperature ranges from 5 to 18 degree Celsius and in the winter the weather is not very agreeable as temperature goes down to close to zero degrees. You can definitely experience the best weather in the summer with an average of 15 degree Celsius and often sunny weather.

This area is mostly occupied with a wealthy class of people and carries a price range between 10 to 15 million for each square meter depending on the type of the building. The green space allocated to this district is extremely noteworthy as Chess park is 2260 square meters. 

From the North of the districts, you can find Ajoudanye by Darabad street. Descending from there Ajoudanye is connected straightly to the 7th Narenjestan street and Pasdaran avenue. The street of Ajoudanye is not very crowded during the rush hours, however, be aware nearby streets are heavily crowded in the afternoons and on the weekend nights.

  • Ajoudanye district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: North
  • known for: forest parks and outstanding climate
  • Neighboring districts: Jamaran, Niavaran
  • Access to Ajoudanye district: Imam Ali highway
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • Furnished apartment price range: High

Where to visit in Ajudaniye?

In Ajoudanye districts there are many places to visit. For instance, in Chess Park, you can find the famous Darabad Museum-Iran Wildlife and Nature Museum. In addition to that Darband coastal park with multiple fountains and pergolas has the great setting for your occasional gatherings. If you are looking for a nice restaurant Fast Food Barouj has a nice menu along with a comfortable setting.

This affluent area has a wide range of markets and malls with high-quality products. At the North of this street, there is one local market and one chain store for grocery shopping. Those are listed below:

  • Hyper me
  • Darabad fruit and vegetable market on the North

There are two main malls in Ajoudanye street itself. Both malls have food courts and playgrounds for the kids. If you are looking to buy fashionable clothing items and enjoy your time these two centers can provide that for you.  

  • Arash Ajoudanye commercial complex
  • Iranian commercial center

Multiple Sport centers exist in the area as Ajoudanye sport complex offers a premium sport experience to the visitors. The best ones are listed below:

  • Ace tennis academy
  • Tehran gym club

Public Transportation

The Nobonyad subway station is the closest stop to the Ajoudanye district.

The best bus route is the Nobonyad line. This line passes through Imam Ali highway and reaches through to Arj square. This route connects the South to the North via Artesh and Imam Ali highways. 

With your personal vehicle, you can easily access this district by Sadr, Imam Ali or Artesh expressway from either the South or North of Tehran.