Jamaran is in the first district of Tehran. The social stratification in this region of Tehran is mostly the upper class of Tehran community.

In the past decades Imam jamarani family had influential roles in the contemporary history of Iran. he and his family endowed Jamaran hosseinia to Imam Khomeini so that he can broaden the range of his audience.

This area has very good perspective as there are many modern constructions on its way. Another reason could be that this area is very close to jamshidyeh park. This green and luscious park has been established long ago and distributes a pristine air to the near by areas.

Jamaran district at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: North
• known for: out-standing weather quality and great accommodations
• Neighborhood districts: Dezashib, Niavaran
• Access to Jamaran: Valiasr street, Shariati street
• Subway station: it isn’t available
• Bus station: it is available
Furnished apartment price range: high

Modern café within an ancient building

  • Jamaran Community Center and Public Services: Perhaps one of the enthralling coffee houses you can ever find in the entire city of Tehran, is within this cultural center which used to be a mansion. Now this white building is a headquarter for the cultural programs and community gatherings.

Historical landmarks in Jamaran district

Are you keen on to learn more about the contemporary history of Iran? These two location take you back to the those turning moment of Iran history.

  • Jamaran hosseinia: endowed by jamarani family, Imam Khomeini used this area to give speeches and motivate the nation for a better change. maybe you even compare it to Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C where martin Luther king did his best to lead his people.
  • Imam Khomeini cultural house: do you enjoy gardens with gradual steps to the main cultural center. Imam Khomeini cultural house was a summer residency. However later it was converted to a cultural institute. if you want to participate in local activities and social gatherings you can go there or check its website for further information.

Discover lavish Sports club in Jamaran zone

  • Raspina Wellness
  • Koohestan Club
  • Parsian jamaran complex: in this complex hold the best ceremonies in and create memorable memories

joyous meal in foliage environment

  • Koohestan club
  • Shandiz-e-Bartar Restaurant
  • Sixties fast food
  • Iranian reception hall
  • Garage grill