Dr.Hashtroudi private School in janbazan street which is in District 2th of Tehran precisely in Janbazan district is a excellent educational site. This superb school was named after Iranian mathematician whose contribution to the mathematics is known worldwide. His innovative “Hachtroudi Connection” now are taught in The best facility of jabazan zone. this school is capable of nurturing great future leaders each year.

Janbazan sub-region is in the down part of Marzadaran street and it connects Jalal-e-Al-e-Ahmad highway to Marzdaran.

1988 was the starting period for this area to go under major construction. These demand for better site still actively exist. Therefore, you can guess a finer future in terms of development. The people in Janbazan area are mainly upper-class of society and you can evaluate that the compact of facilities there are adequate as there are parks, clinics and many other things.

Janbazan district at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: west
• It is known for: fine educational centers
• Neighborhood districts: Sadeghiyeh, Sattarkhan
• Access to Janbazan: Sheikh Fazlollah nuri expressway, jajal-e-Al-ahmad highway
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
Furnished apartment price range: middle

Looking for the perfect wall-color?

  • Pico colors: going to the end of Janbazan street you can find pico color on the Isar street. This shop has a rare encyclopedia of color ranges! The intriguing part is that any wall or window paint you desire it is available there. So you don’t feel restricted at all moreover you can let your creative side takes the lead in your home design.

Turkish and Italian restaurants are one step away from you!

  • Neshat Fast Food: juicy doner kebabs of Neshat fast-food are made in the very clean setting which provides you with more assurance of food quality. The menu is not very comprehensive yet it’s moderate options are very well prepared.
  • V& Italian Restaurant: you get the best portions in this restaurant and there is a touch of Iranian taste into each meal. The environment is carefully designed and the restaurant itself is newly established. You see yourself in an indoor greenhouse with high quality food.

Explore public park and the closest cultural center of Janbazan

  • Sarsabz park
  • Marzdaran cultural center