Jashnvareh district is home to the Red crescent of Iran integrated medical center. This non-political and humanitarian organization was established in 1301 and as part of its services examines patients. this region is in the District 4th of Tehran

If you have very specific illness, this center has capability of diagnosing it and you can buy uncommon medicines from red crescent pharmacy on Jashnvareh street. Ophthalmology division of this medical center is highly advanced.

You can go there either by public transportation or personal vehicles. If your choice is to use of personal cars then you can access there by following Damavand street on the south and Shahed boulevard on the west.

Jashnvareh district at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: east
• It is known for:
Red crescent of Iran
• Neighborhood districts: Tehran pars
• Access to
Jashnvareh: Shahed boulvard, Resalat highway
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
Furnished apartment price range: middle to low

Street food in the triple floors shopping mall

Following the Jashnvareh street after passing shahed boulevard on the corner of Hojr Ebne-Odey Avenue there is Parisian shopping mall.

  • Persian Shopping Center: on the ground floor there are types of street food and beverages and if you ascend the floors you can buy in-trend clothes.

Nearby sports club

  • Shahid Araqi sports club
  • Osveh pool

Authentic Abgoosht and delicious desserts

Abgoosht is one of the most distinctive dishes of Persian culture. here in Jashnvareh you are pron to compelling dining houses which serve you fine courses of meal.

  • Dizisaraye DENJ
  • Arash juce

Rediscover your favorite dessert from countless options of chocolate and sweets

  • Gol Goleh Candy Store: This candy shop is on the corner of Sojdeh’i street And Jashnvareh street. within this store you get to pick your own portion of sweets and candies.

Public parks

  • Moein Nezhad park