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Deposit for Tehran properties

Deposits in Tehran is probably one of the few topics that gets my blood boiling, as there isn’t really a general rule per neighborhood landlords tend to charge what they fancy for deposits and due...
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Furnished properties in Tehran

Renting a property in Iran is generally an annoying and stressful task, so imagine this to be multiplied when searching for a furnished property. Generally most Iranians have their own equipment, sofas, beds, TV’s etc....
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Can Foreigners Buy Property in Iran?

The straightforward answer is that yes, foreigners with different purposes of settlement can buy property or lease in different cities Of Iran. Their target of using any kind of application can be residential, commercial and...
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Bojan Hotel Apartment In Tehran

Bojan hotel apartment boasts a magnificent lobby and a utile public space and features all the amenities and services of a five-star hotel coupled with unique at-home- atmosphere in Tehran, the capital city of Iran....
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Couchsurfing versus Airbnb in Iran

Have you come across the life-style of transfer students those who relocate from one continent to another? Well, Couchsurfing has endeavored to bring up an answer for the audience with similar characteristics. For instance, these new...
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