Deposits in Tehran is probably one of the few topics that gets my blood boiling, as there isn’t really a general rule per neighborhood landlords tend to charge what they fancy for deposits and due to the housing shortage in Tehran people will pay!

There are two types of deposits in Tehran:

  • Full deposit no rent
  • tehran Deposit + rent

Full deposit no rent?

I know, I know! Having lived in the west most my life this was quite an odd concept for me also but realis this, in Iran banks pay interest of up to 20% so if you pay a hefty deposit but no rent the landlord can safely put your money in a high interest account and earn interest on your funds, alternatively use those funds (although this isn’t strictly allowed) to conclude other investments / business to make profits.

In 2018 these kinds of deposits (in farsi called Rahne kaamel) tend to average about 350 million Toman for a 1 bedroom apartment, 450 million Toman for 2 bedroom and 600 million Toman + for a 3 bedroom+ apartment. At the time of writing this article $1 is 11,500 Tomans!

When renting a full deposit no rent flat, all you’re liable for paying then is bills for the apartment, zero rent and the sum includes deposit also so it’s a one lump sum payment which you receive back at the end of your contract. (please make sure if you ever go with this type of deposit you use a reliable estate agency with a proper contract with a code which is fully recorded legally in Iran at the top of the contract for your peace of mind)

Deposit + rent contracts

Now these are a weird one, landlords in Tehran tend to charge what ever they wish and some are so arrogant they prefer their property remain empty for months till they find someone who will pay that deposit and rent they request. as an average rule of thumb, in 2018 deposits stand at: 50 million Tomans for 1 bedroom, 80 million Tomans for 2 bedroom, 150 million Tomans+ for 3 bedroom+. At the time of writing this article $1 is 11,500 Tomans!

Average rent prices (this really depends on your neighbourhood and the build of the flat and interior also) but to generalise: 1 bedroom is 3-6 million Toman per month, 2 bedroom is 5-9 million Toman per month, 3 bedroom + is 10-30 million Toman per month. At the time of writing this article $1 is 11,500 Tomans!

So now you have a good idea regarding the funds you will require to rent a flat in Tehran!