If you come from the west to Iran, this is one the weird concepts you may not be familiar with, having to pay commission to an estate agent to rent a property! In Tehran, estate agents charge a commission both from the landlord and the tenant for their rental. There is actually a legal law stating what they should charge but unfortunately most agencies don’t follow this law and charge their own fees so it’s very important to discuss this with ANY estate agent before even viewing or signing for a property so you’re fully aware of how much you will be charged.

Many foreigners in Tehran get caught out with this law in the last second once they have signed their contract and are presented with a crazy commission bill they hadn’t budgeted for, always stay strict with the estate agents in these circumstances and do your research on commission laws in Tehran for estate agencies and don’t budge from the legal requirement (which is generally a modest amount between 1.5 – 4 million Toman depending on your rent) anything above these should ring alarm bells.

Here are Rent Iran Apartment, we never charge ANY fees from tenants, we only deal with reputable landlords and hotel apartments who pay us a fee to advertise their properties on our site.