District 7 of Tehran took its well-known name from Apadana palace from the area of great Darrius. This area in Tehran Currently known as khoramsharh street and it has developed into an region with many functionalities.

The zesty environment and prevalence of many restaurants in Khoramshahr district turned this part into a popular real estate option in Tehran.

Apadana District at a glance
• Geographical position in Tehran: North east
• known for: Home decoration market and great restaurants
• Neighboring districts: Seyyed Khandan district
• Access to Apadana District: Resalat highway
• Subway station: it inst available
• Bus station: it is available
• The price range of furnished apartment in Apadana district: Middle to High

Facilities in Apadana district

Sohrevardi neurology clinic

  • This neurology center is the provider of premium service to the residents of this area and people all around Iran. This center has the specialized facilities suitable for the various complexions and convenient state to serve you the best services. The board in Sohrevardi neurology clinic are highly trained and certified Iranian doctors with .

Cultural center

  • Austrian cultural forum in between 8th and 6th street is in Apadana street. This place is an agency of Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs whose aim is to have programs specified to Iranian culture and combined with Austria culture and rituals.


  • Looking for a quite and fresh area to run? On Apadana street you can go to the 3th or 11th square on the streets with the same names. If those squares aren’t spacious enough then Andisheh park is highly recommended. This park is on the end section of Apadana toward Shariati street.


  • Apadana street is mostly used for commercial purposes and it is occupied with various shops. The demographic, mostly reserved and individual people live in this area in contrary to it’s populated trade sites. You can definitely buy great leather accessories from hand craft shops down the street.

Café and restaurants in Apadana district

Delzhin Restaurant tehran

  • Delzhin Restaurant: Turkish, Iranian or Lebanese dishes which one is more appealing to you? If you can’t decide then Delzhin is the place to go as it has very great ambiance and a divers Menu.

Fereydoon Sandwich in apadana district tehran

  • Freydoon sandwich:This is all about the nostalgy! Freydoon sandwich might not be the ideal place in terms of atmosphere as arrangement is very old school. But if you want to get fairly cheap food with a little bit of Tehran nostalgy then this is the best choice for you.

Burrito Grill Restaurant in apadana district tehran

  • Burrito Grill Restaurant: This friendly restaurant has the one of the most innovative breakfast and brunch menu on Apadana street. Whether you crave for sweet brunch or savory the menu covers them all.