Best sport centers are here! Ararat district is a vast area and to the north it starts from Chamran highway turn toward Velenjak. A long this highway two important sites are located, the first one is Tehran international exhibition center and the other one is Milad concert hall within this area. These sites serve as showcase area for major events.

Ararat has impressive facilities and the amount of allocated has doubled the demand for real-estate in this division of Tehran. Pin Ararat among your top choices of districts in Tehran since you can choose between unlimited options of furnished apartments and properties in Ararat district freely.

From the left The boundaries of Ararat district are set to Seoul and Sheykh bahayi street as they extend from from north to south. Right after Seoul, Following Sheykh bahayi this street gets connected to Hemmat expressway from the south.

You can find access to Ararat district the Kordestan expressway on the right. This is a two-way expressway-allowing you to have better connection to the other parts of Tehran.

Ararat District at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: North
• known for: International exhibition hall, Sport centers
• Neighboring districts: Evin district, Velenjak district
• Access to Ararat District: Kordestan expressway, Hemmat expressway
• Subway station: it isn’t available
• Bus station: it is available
• the price range of furnished apartment in Ararat District: High

Sport centers in Ararat district

  • Enghelab sport center: Any kind of sports you like there is a section dedicated to it with great care. Enghelab sport center is one of the most extensive facilities for the amateur and professional athletes. Its golf court is an distinguished location in Iran along with other superlative compartments such as archery and squash complex.
  • Ararat sport and cultural complex: Football fans must go to the Ararat sport complex located in the south of this district. There is a football stadium with 10.000 seats capacity. This sport center was built in 1971 and has an indoor sport complex as well. You can enjoy the freshness of the area as there is a broad green space all around.

Demographic of Ararat district

Ararat district in north west of Tehran is very broad and it can be said that it is occupied with sport and culture enthusiasts as the area itself is mostly very quiet and calm.

Cultural center

  • Tehran international exhibition center: Make sure you check the programs of Tehran international exhibition center since periodically countless shows and exhibitions will be held there. This is the top exhibition hall in Tehran.
  • Milad concert hall:Very close to Tehran international exhibition center Milad concert hall is located. You can watch a live pop music with a moderate price ticket.
  • Baghe Naghme music school: Go further with music in the same district and learn it in details for yourself. Ever wanted to know how to play an instrument? We highly recommend Baghe Naghme music school in the south of Ararat district.

Art Galleries

Another vision of human artistry is exclusively shown in the Ararat art galleries. Put visiting one of these galleries on your calendar.

  • VALI gallery: Highly sophisticated gallery of Vali showcases a wide range of artists from photographers to painters, sculptures and many more. Go and take a look at Iranian modern art with very high bar of prestige.

Restaurants in Ararat

  • Enghlab food court (north): This restaurant has a wooden design which gives you a close connection to the nature. You can even refresh yourself more by going to the outdoor section and sit under the tents. The food range is diversified as you can spend quality time with your close friend and drink an authentic cappuccino or eat a great Italian meal with family and friends.

brothers kitchen in ararat district tehran

  • Brother kitchen: Woke up late and no idea what to eat! Go to the south of Seoul street and enjoy brunch with hot bread and a new combination of omelet.

brothers kitch a restaurant for brunch

  • Tah chin bar restaurant: Could you choose One favorite dish in the entire line of Iranian foods and I would say that is Tah chin. Tah chin bar restaurant has a menu in which only Tah chin is served. But don’t get discouraged as this restaurant has many types of Tah chin. Some of them are never eaten before!

Public Parks

In Ararat district the amount of green space is very noticeable. There are multiple parks in the north, center and the south of this district. The best ones are listed below and don’t hesitate to check them out!

  • Seoul park: This is a multi-purpose park and have two major compartments within itself. If you ever wanted to get back to math or familiarize your child with it then we suggest you to give math center of Seoul park a try. There is a archery center there as well.
  • Ararat park: This park is not very wide. However, it definitely servers the locals very well. Within this park you can do sports activities or benefit from the greenness o