Bus terminal in Argentina district is a designated place for bus transportation between cities of Iran and neighbor countries such as turkey and Armenia. This station is of the other main terminals in Tehran-located in the center of capital of Iran. The other main terminal is in the south of this city. Therefore Argentina terminal is the most accessible finishing route in Tehran.

if you are descending from the north You can reach there by Baharan street, Alvand and Nelson Mandela streets. Toward the south you have two main routes and those are Beyhaqi and bokharest streets. The load of traffic in each of these streets varies depending on the time of the day and Argentina square itself requires you to have traffic plan for your personal car to be able to pass. Don’t forget to buy one otherwise you will be fined!

Argentina at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: North and center
• known for: Inter-city bus terminal, shopping centers
• Neighboring districts: Yousef Abad district, Jordan district
• Access to Argentina: Resalat highway, Nelson Mandela Boulevard
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
Furnished apartment price range: Middle to high

Facilities in Argentina district

Commercial centers

  • Argentin shopping center: If you can’t find a great center specified for cosmetic products then Hiland beauty center in Argentina shopping center is the best one in the area. The shopping center it self is filled with Brands stores and the environment is quite agreeable.
  • Sharhrvand main store: Want to Extensively shop groceries for your home then we highly suggest you to take a look at the main branch of sharvand store in Argentina square. This grocery shop is the first supermarket established nearly 30 years ago. Still it remained among the top quality one as it has complete range of items for the customers and there is a roomy parking lot beside it.
  • ZENDEGI KHOUB Health and Spa complex: Be different and Give your loved ones a premium gift card of ZENDEGI KHOUB Health and Spa. This site in Arjantin square OFFERS many forms of massages along with specialized diet programs. Within this place there are a fitness club, beauty shop, massage center and restaurant.

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Restaurants and Parks

Orkideh Restaurant in iran

  • Orkideh restaurant: This restaurant was founded in 1957 and it outreached to the other parts of Iran with 5 other branches. We can claim that the Argentina branch is the best one as it has a luxurious setting and great menu. From the main menu baghali polo with lamb would be a great choice. Go for the mousse ice cream right after your main dish to amplify your experience to the next level.

Orkideh Restaurant in tehran iran

  • Bokharest restaurant: On the corner of 7th bokharest street in the south of Argentina square Bokharest restaurant serves you original Iranian foods. If you are looking for an occasion to gather then this location is a good option as it has high capacity- up to 200 people.
  • Sai park: Unluckily you have to make a short commute if you want to sit a park, but don’t let that to stop you! Sai park is close to Argentina square. Simply you need to 19th street on the left of Argentina square or pass through same aligned alleys and reach to sai park.
Other Important centers
  • Embassy of The Commonwealth of Australia: Should you need any Visa and immigration services from Australia embassy then that is in this square and you can find it in north west of Argentina square.