Do you want to commute without personal cars or even renting one while visiting an area? the best public transportation system you get, does exists in Aryashahr district. Although this district is slightly polluted and crowded but it is lively and zesty!

Aryashahr district is bounded to Hakim autobahn from the North. From the east and west to Yadegar Imam and Ashrafi Esfahani highway in order and It ends to Sheikh fazlollah Nuri highway.

Even if getting into the crowd in the public transportation bothers you there is Sadeghiyeh multistory car parking on the south east of the square. You can park your personal car there with ease and pay reasonable price for it.

Aryashahr district at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: west
• known for: fine public transportation, excellent educational centers
• Neighboring districts: Pounak
• Access to Aryashahr district: Hakim expressway, Ashrafi Esfahani expressway, Sheikh Fazllolah Nuri expressway, Yadegar emam highyway
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
•the price range of furnished apartment in Aryashahr District: Middle

Shopping centers

Aryashahr district is famous for its centrality of malls. you can have a very good shopping experience as sellers are open to bargain and you can get as many discounts as you want.

goldis tower in arayashahr district tehran

  • Goldis tower: This infrastructure is built in 2001 and it has more than 520 shops in 3 floors. As buyer you can’t  find exclusive brand stores but still items sold there are practical and fun. You can ask about the details and seek more reduction as you aim to purchase something.
  • Ofogh commercial center: Ofogh commercial center is humbler in comparison with Goldis tower-it’s near by mall. This site is smaller and offers less shops to you. However, you can still find nice clothes or perhaps souvenirs.
  • Satarkhan traditional bazaar: Now off to a conventional type of shops, we introduce you Satarkhan traditional bazaar. You need to take a cab to reach there as it is located in the middle of Satar khan street in Aryashahr.

Green space and parks

  • Ashrafi Esfahani park: located on the south of marzdaran street entrance, there is a public library within the park. You can enjoy quit time reading or do sport activities in the Ashrafi Esfahani park.
  • Parand park: It is a Small park on Shahin sharghi street with an adequate children play ground.


  • Gennaro Italian food: Italian design in the architecture of this restaurants takes you back to the Italian street cafes! Pasta, panini and stakes are accompanied with very nice side dishes.

Gennaro Italian food in aryashahr district

  • Perperook fast food: Want to try an improvised Iranian fast-food chain restaurants? Perperook fast food in Aryashahr district is among the best known in Tehran. The stake jalapeno pizza is the top order of it’s menu.
  • Zeytoon Fast Food: One of the oldest fast food in Aryashahr district has kept its reputation for many years. This is because in Zeytoon the serve you with care and give you a big portion. This is the best deal for your money and you will have the full satisfaction out of it. Unfortunately, there is no space for the customers to eat there. The service is mostly take-away style.