This district is the chief market of the valve and faucets in Tehran. Therefore, it has a commercial functionality rather than residential practicality.

Banihashem is in the district 3 and 4 of Tehran. The urban frame of this sub-region was formed in 1970 and it has extended from Resalat to Pasdaran-a high end zone in Tehran. The vast majority of the population in Banihashem are the business owners. The reason many of them chose this district both as work place and a habitation site is faster transportation between work and home.  

Overall the social stratification of this zone is composed of intellectuals and tradespeople. The population is youthful since there are universities and dormitories nearby. in order to easily find access to this district, you may follow Zeyn-od-Din highway on the north and descend to banihashem street. From the south, you can go there by Resalat highway finally Sayyad Shirazi highway is on the west. These three important highways in Tehran has easen the access to Banihashem even more.

  • Banihashem district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: East
  • It is known for: Fine infrastructure and transportation
  • Neighborhood districts: Tehran pars
  • Access to Banihashem: Zeyn-od-din highway
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • The price range of furnished apartment in Banihashem: Middle

Provisions in Banihashem

Shopping center with a full glass central atrium

  • Almas Bani Hashem shopping center: The surface foundation in this mall is more than 3000 square meter and the core atrium is a full cylinder with the glass exterior. While visiting this shopping center you’ll enjoy the natural sun lights through each level, especially in the main café. There are two office complexes beside the commercial site, and on the ground there are vast shops on the outside of the mall, dedicated to brands and banks.  

Rezvan furniture mall

  • Rezvan shopping mall: on Banihashem street, there is a compact shopping center for domicile decorations. Distinguished wallpapers and floor coverings can turn your house into a home. Visit there to get inspired!

Arabic café in Banihashem

  • Hatra Cafe Restaurant: when you enter this café the tower of hookah is in front of you. The Golden and burgundy colors in the restaurant design and the smokes revolving around people make it mysterious. hummus and Baba Ghanoush, Tahdig and Shish kebabs are the popular appetizers and the main course on the menu. After your meal, you can order Arabic café along with a Hooka! This restaurant is on the end part of Banihashem street.
Hatra Cafe Restaurant

Kebabs marinated with diverse herbs

  • Tehrani Rice And Kabab: this restaurant has a modern setting and the food has large portions and their specialty is their marinated Loqm-e negini.  

Infrastructure in this zone

Microbasketball hall in Hemmat club inn Banihashem

  • Basketball Club martyr Hemmat: If You are in the Banihashem area and want to play basketball with your children check Martyr Hemmat basketball club. This sports club is on the other side of Resalat highway and have a particular program forchildren.

A cord blood library

  • Royan Stem Cell Technology Co: non-curable cancer disease are now curable with Royal Stem blood reservoir. This center was founded in 2005 and since then has successfully collected more than 100.000 samples. People from Iran and other nation regularly visit this medical center to analysis their cells and get donation regarding various issues. Royan Stem Cell Technology Co is exactly located at the end of Banihashem street. 

Private hospital in this area

  • Ghamar Banihashem hospital: this hospital is not very large but it has all the necessary wards. Ghamar Banihashem medical center doesn’t accept health insurance and depending on the time the dervice might not have great pace. 

How to get there by public transportation?

  • Khajeh Abdullah subway station