A muzzle of urban alignments is in the 22nd district of Tehran. Peykan Shar

If you have a delightful time in nature. This place is for you since the price is not astronomically highly and the area is in the countryside of Tehran, For initial visits, you can reach there by Tehran-Karaj expressway

This region is very close to Ghazali cinema town which is a site with ready-made locations for the movie scenes.

Ghazali cinema town was made by Italian architect nearly fifty years ago and it continues to grow and the Iranian movie industry demands new location. This place is exactly in front of Peykan Shar, an entertaining site for you to visit.

  • Peykan Shar district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: outside tehran in western side
  • It is known for: agricultural sites and industrial centers
  • Neighborhood districts:
  • Access to Peykan Shar district:
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it isn’t available
  • The price range of furnished apartment in peykan shar district: low

Infrastructure in peykan shahr

Peykan Shar a home to nature history

  • Natural history museum: Here you can delve into the stories of Iran nature and find the answers to your questions by the museum colocations and researches. Iran natural history museum is exactly in the center of Peykan Shar.     

New species of plant are born here

  • National botanical garden: lakes are all around and beside them, Research Institute of forest and range lands resides in the national botanical garden of Iran. This garden has extensive programs to grow and plant new species in this area. In the spring and autumn the landscape there is extraordinary worth and visit for sure.  
National botanical garden in peykan shahr district
  • Botanical museum café: In the middle of the garden there is a comforting café offering trendy beverages and cakes as well as snacks. Drinking a cup of herbal tea in the middle of this scarce place can infuse more calming sense to your statue.    
  •  Botanical Garden parking: visit this garden stress-free since there are many public parking lots all around.   

Biggest car manufactures of Iran are in this area

  • Iran Khodro Car Auctions: Mass car auction warehouse of Iran Khodro is right above Paykan Shahr. Typically buyers have to follow the online procedure and receive the purchased car from this location.
  • Isaco: this company is after sale service provider for personal cars.This chief manufacturer of car parts was founded in 1977 and today it is the leading supplier in Iran and the middle east.           

Agricultural University in the adjacency of national garden 

  • Tarbiat Modares Faculty of Agriculture: this university is number one in the postgraduate studies in Iran and the department of farming and related sciences is next to Peykan Shahr. This university provides students with great resources to experiment and execute research in a real-time environment.

Mechanical engineering university in Peykan Shahr

  • vocational training center for Iran Khodro car manufactory: Top car manufactory of Iran is around 4 kilometers away from Paykan Shar and its vocational university is in this zone. The program of this university is highly specialized for the prospective staffs of Iran Khodro assembly line. The curriculum in accordance with the automobile assemblage industry, moreover it’s is one of the leaders in teaching this competence in Iran.    

Transport in Peykan Shahr region

There aren’t plenty of options for transportation in this area. The best way to get around is by using your own personal car and the second option would be Vard Avard metro station.