Famously known as the roof of Tehran Shahrak-e Mokhberat is one of those spot that many go for sightseeing and take long look at the Tehran view.  The unbounded wind all over the this neighborhood and great infrastructure put this part among the favorite residency choices for people many people including domestic expat, travels and businessmen. 

Since the growth of popularity of the short term furnished apartments no one wants to feel like a tourist in the metropolitan city of tehran anymore.  The independence of staying in place like a local does will bring another 

To satisfy this desire for nonconformist experience we encourage you to look at the options you never thought about before! Which option? Well fully or partially furnished flats and luxurious apartments in tehran particularly in Shahrak-e Mokhberat are the perfect fit for both your personal visions and your budget. 

Beside all these Architecture charm in the first district of tehran is another reason why you should keep your eyes this part of tehran. 

Shahrak-e Mokhberat is part of Saad Abad ,a wealthy neighborhood in Tehran, therefore the freedom from financial restriction has created a new phase for the architects. In Shahrk-e Mokhberat you can see design ingenuity, connection to the natural section of this zone and above all unlimited imagination.  

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  •  Shahrak-e Mokhberat at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: North
  • known for: Great climate, Luxury ambience
  • Neighboring districts: Farahzad, Saadat abad
  • Access to Shahrak-e Mokhberat: Yedegar-e mama highway
  • Subway station: it isn’t available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • The price range of  furnished apartment in Shahrak-e Mokhaberat district : High

What to do in Sharak-e Mokhaberat?

This district is in the proximity of Tehran main attractions such as Farahzad, Saad Abad and Bam-e Tehran.

Sepidar Traditional Restaurant: if you want to experience the fresh breeze of air and sit in a pergolas and eat the best conventional food, this restaurant in the Shahrak-e mokhaberat district infuses that vibe to you. the picture of a great meal in nature in your mind will come to life in the best possible way. No matter what time of the day you go to Sepidar Traditional Restaurant, you’ll be presented with the most exquisite breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Flyland Foodpark: this restaurant has unique approach toward fast-food presentation. A grilled cheese burger in Flyland Foodpark will come with a side of fried potato noodles and salad. this restaurant in shahrak-e mokhaberat district has great dessert menu an beverages. The best part of going to this restaurant is that you can experience the sliders and other entertainment amenities. This location is unique in every regard you consider.

Foodland park in shahrak-e mokhberat

Other facilities in Shahrak-e Mokhberat

Saadat abad park: this park is possibly one of the most convenient public parks in this neighborhood after Parvaz park. You can have your daily sports activity simply by going to this park.

Top education center in the Shahrak-e Mokhaberat

  • Mehr-e-Hashtom school