Farahzad is one of the old neighborhoods that used to be a part of Shemiranat district in Tehran. 

In this second district of Tehran a river is directed from the heart of northern mountains of Tehran and reaches to the southern part of Farahzad valley. 

Decades ago this district was the alley for the pilgrimages who wish to visit the Imamzadeh Saleh. However, the constant commute of visitors and their demand for a suitable resting place turned this site to a favorite location for the restaurants. this district is nationally known as a zone of promenades

This district is made of three different sub-regions , the northern part in the upper side of Yadegar-e-Emam highway, the southern section on the down side of this highway and on the other side of this known highway, other part of Farahzad is spread.

Farahzad district in tehran

The northern part of Farahzad district ended in the Alborz mountain range. And it’s height from the sea is 1800 meter- this is the height of tehran northern part.  The eye-catching feature of this district is it’s vast coverage of foliage berry trees 

The terminology of this term has a root which resonates well with the sense of a pleasurable place with amazing climate in Persian. 

The social stratification of this part is consisted of a  group of people from Qazvin and Qouchan who spoke Turkish but today the demographic has changed in this region and many other groups came to this district.  

Farahzad has a long history of both domestic and international tourism. Back in the old days many chose this location to spend time and relax. In those times locals used to put parts of their houses for the visitors temporary residency. And they would spend their summer as such. 

Today every aspect of this zone has changed drastically. Due to noticeable wave of   immigration and as a result construction here many luxury apartments and villas are built. The whole scenario for enthusiasts including you is different and you don’t have to go through painful hassle of finding an amazing flat in  Farahzad instead based on your trip plan you can rent a luxury furnished apartment or villa for temporary inhabitant. Following all the reasons that Farahzad gives to visit, it is certain that your residency with the provided facilities as such will be exotic!

  • Farahzad district at a glance:
  •  Geographical position in Tehran: North
  •  Known for: amazing weather, touristic sites, open air restaurants
  •  Neighboring districts:  Shahrak-e Qarb, Saadat Abad
  • Access to Farahzad district: via Yadegar Emam, Ashrafi Esfahani street 
  •  Subway station: it is available
  •   Bus station: it is available
  • The price range of furnished apartment in Farahzad: Middle to High

What to do in Farahzad? 

Well Farahzad has the most unique offerings in the town. How so? Persian delight becomes more exciting in Farahzad and while visiting the alleyways you see strolls savory and sour snack strolls on the way. But what are those exactly? Persian dry either the Nectar of sour fruit with spices or the whole fruit and voila there you have the authentic Persian snack!  

Step by step you’ll see traditional restaurants with luscious gardens. This is how originally Persian use to relax and enjoy their meal and themselves. 

What is a Typical plate of food in restaurants in this area? 

This part of tehran is dedicated to the traditional Persian restaurants. Typical foods on the menu dining houses in Farahzad are diverse range of kebabs as well as alluring vegan options and tasty side dishes. 

  • Baghe noor restaurant: This is certainly an adventure to get out of that contaminated air of urban environment and Explore a designated taste of delicately made Persian cuisine in an environment surrounded by nature foliage site of Farahzad
  • Abshar restaurant:  contemplating to go to Farahzad and you will see this name among a range of top options. The setting of this outdoor restaurant is divers from what you’d usually experienced as there are numerous promenades. Your  privacy and intimacy is served very well

Transportation in Farahzad district

This part of tehran is a bit mountainous with wild gardens in the surrounding. Chances are low that you find a suitable public transportation. We recommend you go there using personal vehicles.