Nearly 100 years ago these lands were part of Rey district  of Tehran. The first decider of lands in Yaft abad were grandchildren of  Lotf Ali Khan– a king of Zand dynasty. But political and social reformation and their consequences in the property ownership of Yaft abad had major changes. The last major owner of this region in Tehran was Nassereddin Shah Qajar who gave them to his remaining.

Today the name of yaft abad is associated with the Biggest furniture shop of Iran. This subregion became one of the main sections of tehran and it is in the southern side.  yaft abad district is precisely in the 18 district of tehran. 

The southern of Tehran due to its proximity to inter city routes have higher load  truck and heavy car transportation. Therefore, Yaft Abad district as a part of this area doesn’t have the ideal weather you might have in your thoughts. 

As the zand dynasty families emigrated to the yaft abad and reside in this zone of tehran, you can see there the demographic is partially consists of turks and other monir groups. 

Having an easy accessibility from various points of tehran and Iran to yaft abad created a major business  site. There are uncounted corporations and commercial centers carrying the burden of trade in the whole economy of Iran per say. 

Yaft abad is not a landmark in which you can go through various dimension of Iran history. However, If you are looking for comfortable furnished residency area with low price rage Yaft abad is a proper place for you.

Convenience facilities and required infrastructure are widespread in Yaft abad. And you can go there can be done by  sa’idi and azadegan expressway, qazvin highway in south of Tehran.  

  • Yaft abad district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran:
  • It is known for: Furniture market
  • Neighborhood districts: Azar shahr, Shahrak-e-Vali-e-Asr
  • Access to Yatf abad: Ayatollah Sai’di expressway, Qazvin highway.
  • Subway station: it is not available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • The price range of furnished apartment in yaft abad district: middle

Where to visit in Yaft Abad?

Extraordinary ceiling following original Persian architecture in Imamzadeh Hassan bazaar

  • Arzi Shopping Center:  this compelling bazaar is a  collection of arabesques and floral designs on the ceiling and that has become a signature. These features segregates this furniture mall from the rest. Going to this mall and you can see tall columns and vaulted chambers in each hallway. Unlike this unique scheme Every single furniture shop has modern piece of home decor and furniture.

Find the best home decoration in yaft abad

  • Iran furniture market: there is no other place in Iran that has this range of home decor and furniture such as major pervasive markets in Yaft Abad. Shop after shop in the commercial sites in this region ensure that you will find the home decor you always dreamed of. Just step in East Yaft Abad street and start with Khalij Fars Furniture Market and from there visit furniture markets one by one.

Shop Digital accessories and cell phones in Yaft Abad

  • Iran mobile market has 3 distinctive commercial centers dedicated to Tech products. one of the most sophisticated branches is located in Yaft Abad on Amin-ol-molk street. From modern architecture to the it’s tech-savvy vibe, this market is a divers location to go around.
Iran mobile market in Yaft Abad district

Unwind and try some Entertainment here

  • Tamasha cineplex: Another face of entertainment is dropping by the cinema complex of Yaft Abad. Tamasha cineplex on Madaen boulevard have most recent programs Iran movie industry and notable works of the world on display.

Modern buffet restaurant in the middle of yaft abad

  • Hani restaurant: Preparing Persian food is takes time and often has high rising price. But in Hani restaurant all these stereotypes has been converted. This restaurant in Yaft Abad provide you a mouth-watering fast Persian cuisine with fair price.

How to go around  by Public transportation?

Perhaps the best possible public transportation in Yaft Abad is taxi. It is advised to go around using personal vehicle since it is the fastest and most convenient in this area of Tehran. But if it isn’t what you aimed for, the second best option is going around by taxi or bus.

Educational sites in Yaft Abad

  • Sattari aeriel university