Sahebqaraniyeh district is one of the most expensive region in Tehran. Some say that historical incidents were the reason that this region kept it’s reputation after many years. However, others claims that Sahebqaraniyeh the initial cause is unique geographical position of this zone. 

Let’s get back to the history, to those days of nineteenth century in tehran. Nasseredin Shah the ruler of iran and a man from qajar dynasty pictured a palace with pyramid shape roofs and the emerald green color on the interior and exterior design of this palace- a paint which resembled lauxriant lifesyte. 

After the his full residency he followed the ritual of celebrating his kingdom. At this time century had a divers definition and Qajar believed that the span 30 years is one century. Therefore, the name of this palace was chosen due to the thirty and first years of consecutive monarchy. Sahebqaraniyeh term means the owner of the century referring to the fourth king of Qajar dynasty. This inherited this name from those days until now and the reputation of wealth does exist.  

Sahebqaraniyeh is on the northern part of niavaran district of Tehran, below Darband. Possibly this geographical location has contributed drastically to top qualities of this neighborhood. 

  • Sahebqaraniyeh district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: North
  • known for: affluent of district, premier climate
  • Neighboring districts:  Niavaran, Farmanieh
  • Access to Sahebqaraniyeh district: Farmanieh avenue
  • Subway station: it isn’t available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • The price range of furnished apartment in Sahebqaraniyeh district: High

Top two spots to discover in Sahebqaraniyeh district

  • Sahebqaraniyeh Palace: well you have to first visit the place where everything started right? This palace that we before talked about today is a part of Niavaran complex and you can find it on the north eastern side of the Niavaran square. The environment is eclectic and intimate especially during the sunset. The street style cafe in the upper yard is a great spot to invite your family and friend and enjoy a cup of Persian tea and delights.  
  • Ava Center: this commercial center is built at it’s best visionary. The exterior facade exhilarate, inspire and engages you ava center in Sahebqaraniyeh possess a quality that is almost indescribable. The elit feature about this commercial center is that it is not built to pleasure eye, in fact it is constructed with high functionality. Proving that it isn’t just a monument for admiring. Ava center is an iconic center that shapes the eyes of all the visitors and set the standards for the urban  landmarks higher than ever. Curved wasp nest in the middle section is a passage for the multiple store parking space of commercial center which unexpected, creative and impressive. The interior design is equally impressive as the exterior. Thoughtful lightening and the shiner dark marbles all over the floor and the walls created an avant-garde combination and dichotomy.  Possibly the most uncommon feature of Ava center is the use of material such as diagonal wooden pillars on the ceiling of the food court. This shopping center will be a great mediator for an unforgettable time. 
Ava Center in Sahebqaraniyeh district

Top three restaurants in Sahebqaraniyeh district

  • Setaregan Shandiz: the great weather of  Sahebqaraniyeh is proper companion to the copper plate of Persian dish in the Setaregan Shandiz restaurant and the roof garden. You’ll  have the that top rated time if you go there with friends and a group of family and ask to serve your entire order in a rose gold tray. That’s the way sumptuous Persian families use to dine. This would be an authentic experience, wouldn’t be? 
  • Narges restaurant: Dining under the tallest tent in Tehran is the time you might not consider about the beauty of Tehran and Sahebqaraniyeh. Pyramid skylight is the ceiling and outdoor area as well as buffet on the weekend all adds up features of this restaurant. 
  • Prague Cafe Pastry: handmade desserts in the Darabad street is a cheering experience for you afternoons. We recommend to go for the sneaker cheesecake with caramel sauce and a cup of Americano. 

Public transportation in Sahebqaraniyeh

The dominant tools of transportation in this district of Tehran is personal vehicle but considering that you may face some issue for parking lot. 

Diplomatic centers

  • Embassy of China
  • Embassy of New Zealand in Tehran