Farmanieh district is a favorite neighborhood of Tehranies ! This district has gone through a feverish wave of development since it’s disintegration by the heirs of Farmanfarma – The original owner of this foliage land two centuries ago. Today it is a sub division of Shemiran, one of the most well-known residential areas in Tehran.

Perhaps the best representative of Farmanieh district from that area, is a garden with the same appellation. Farmanieh garden today is sold to the embassy of Italy and the design has both southern and northern view with diverse geometrical compositions. There is a core fountain in the exterior compartment of the yard. And on the surrounding, there are multiple mini fountains which amplifies the pristine sense of this garden. The main building has a dome-shaped vaults and many stucco are seen on the northern part of this garden.

That sense of Qajar authority is gone today and it is replaced by the disparages in the history of Iran. Since then Faramanieh and its neighboring district such as Kamranyeh and Dezashib were medium for putting forward the general move of alternative vision of a modern city. In less than 50 years current architectural trends turned this sight of Tehran from a rarely popular district to a metropolitan recognized zone.

By far the from the monolithic, the cultural predominate character of Farmanieh has not been a victim of the restrictive planning polices, and can be best described as a form of sophistication. This besieged zone is converted to a utopia for the master plan of more than 5-star apartments.  And has become the home to the Tehran elites.

You have the astonishing view of city from the most of the pedestrians of Andarzgoo and Saba boulevard. The other face of Farmanieh is cultural hubs, art galleries and plenty of restaurants

Farmanieh is a lovely residential neighborhood that’s proving increasingly with the expats. if you ever look at the available rentals and apartments, the price tag brings a shock to you, on the top of a hefty bill and commission your mind will be blown away by all these.

The public transport options are not at its best and you can’t find trains, trams or regular buses here. But the dominate lifestyle wont demand further amelioration in this regard.

This picturesque perfect residential area is the orator of your dream accommodations. It is not rarity to find a beautiful and airy and spacious homes apartments in this area of Tehran.

Articulation of sophisticated social ambition through the apartments of Farmanieh

Renting apartment in Farmanieh

Relaxing couldn’t be easier in a home that has exclusive features such as a salon for the massage, a Turkish a bathroom, roof garden, swimming pool and central air conditioner and a smart controlling system for the whole flat. These are the norms and the expectancy of modern constructed apartments in Farmanieh. This four-bedroom apartment with larger parties in this exclusive district will make you fall in love with its clean, classic and elegant look. The home itself is sumptuously furnished with Italian furniture and luxurious chandeliers. The golden and mirror dreamily evoke the glimpse of prosperous collection of luxury houses. This apartment is in Bazdar street in this zone. This representative architectural piece of building comes through a complex arrangement that in regard to convenience aspect makes it a master piece.

Renting apartment in Farmanieh

A brief guide for renting the perfect apartment in Faramanieh district of Tehran 

Before even bringing your hands out of your pocket you should have an extensive calculation of your current budgets. You don’t want to fall into the endless cycle of tempting options and loose the account of your finance in the middle. First and for most contact with the support team and classify your picks with their extensive aid. In the second stage set up in-person meeting on the location of your chosen furnished apartment in Farmanieh and look at every single appliances you have had in your mind before. The last step and the most important phase is to check out all the safety and security features. At last carefully go though the contract and put your signature on the bottom of your delightful rental in Farmanieh district of Tehran.