In the thirties and forties, Pirouzi District belonged to the military army for the purpose of training and it was called Farahabad. However, it’s civic practically came to life in after fifties, since the Qajar kings ordered the construction of the first main road-Nirou Havey the fifth street. today Pirouzi is one of the most populated zones in whole boundaries of Tehran. This sub-region is in the east of Iran’s capital city and it is located in the 14th district of Tehran

The social stratification of people here varies, but it can be said that over here people are highly conscious of religious ceremonies and they actively take part in them during the special months within the year.

The price range of this area also differs and it depends on the building and the specific area of the house. Overall the ranges ascend toward the higher side depending on the location and type of building .

Pirouzi from east ends in Shohada square and from the west it finishes in Kolahdouz square.

  • Pirouzi district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: East
  • It is known for: cultural sites, amicable environment
  • Neighborhood districts: Tehran now
  • Access to Piroozi district, Basij Highway
  • Bus station: It is available
  • Subway station: it is available
  • the price range of furnished apartment in Piroozi district: Middle

Facilities in Pirouzi district

Luminous mall beside Nabard metro station

  • Kassa Shopping Mall: This mall is a fine location for purchasing shoes and clothes. the price tags are proper ! What else do you yearn for? Once you get out of Nabard subway station you should go there and have a delightful experience!            

Best grocery deals in this market

  • Etka store: Are scratching your head wondering how to fill your rented house fridge with the best groceries and keep the price low? Etka chain store is one of the finest options in Piroozi zone. This supermarket has the high-quality groceries yet the best reductions!           

Sports facilities with virtual entertainments

  • Bargh sports complex: Located on the corner of Piroozi street, this sports complex has a swimming pool and football ground as well as an extensive Game Net for you to have both physical activities and mental entertainments. Following the service, you get The price range in this sports complex is reasonable.        

Where to eat in this eastern part of Tehran?

Super cheesy pizza in wooden cabins

  • Cabin Pizza: cheesy food in a Wooden cabins? Well, this interior design in cabin pizza gives you a fine one-o-one time and here you can have substantial quality time with your family. Above that supersize, extra cheesy pizza will put you in loyal club of this restaurant in Pirouzi.

Caesar Salad with Kentucky chickens in JilizViliz

  • JilizViliz fast food: The name of this restaurant is a full cacophony? But we assure you that it’s food is full of euphony!            
  • Haj Ali Va Pesaran Halim: here is the spot for ordering an authentic Iranian breakfast.      
  • Gol-e-Yakh coffee shop: French, Italian and Turkish cafes, which one do you long at the moment? in this cafe you can enjoy an order from every single international option.

Where to watch trendy movies in The Pirouzi region? Head to these cinemas

  • Pirouzi cinema   
  • Shokoufeh cinema     

A Sophisticated hospital

  • Fajr hospital: one of the up-to-the-minutes hospitals in Tehran is Fajr hospital. not planning to go for the treatment of an illness? At least can have a checkup here. this hospital has had a leading renovation program and since then it provides you with a calming ambiance. over top of that, it’s adroit staffs aides you with the best manners. The only slight disadvantage is that Fajr hospital doesn’t cover all types of health insurances and you may pay the full price for the services you get.  

The east of Tehran has the best public transportation in the area

how to go around in Pirouzi can be a fairly easy task since on each step there is a public transportation facility. the locals can be helpful if you know exactly where you are heading to. you can ask them about cab stations. Below there are four main subway stations by which you can access to a variety of spots in the Pirouzi zone.

  • Pirouzi metro station
  • Shohada square metro station
  • Ebne sina metro station
  • Nabard metro station