Tehransar is in 21 districts of Tehran. The main construction of Tehran Sar was started in 1951. prior to that, this place was a recreational ground for Qajar kings. The gradual condensation of families grew to this place to a rural area. After that nearly 60 years ago Iranian oil company officially started an urban structure.

Tehransar is one of the most welcoming sub-regions for the immigrants. Therefore, demographic is a blend of Iranian subcultures. The estimated population in this part of tehran is around 100,000 people

This zone is a residency for well-known athletes specifically club memebers of Naft football club.  Sports persons either reside in Tehran Sar or commute frequently because of major sportive headquarters.

Getting there is not difficult at all since Lashgari expressway passes right from the middle of this district. You can find access to the north of TehranSar by Sheikh Fazollah Nouri expressway and Tehran Karaj freeway. Even if you happen to be on the south you can follow Fath highway and get there.

Minor drawbacks of this district would be that Tehran Sar is next to Mehrabad airport. That may lead to occasional noise pollution and the air quality doesn’t have a great standard.

Important urban sectors here are northern TehranSar, Darya town, Tehran university town, and Iran Khodro major construction site.

  • Tehransar District at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: East
  • It is known for: cultural sites, amicable environment
  • Neighborhood districts: Tehran now
  • Access to Tehransar District, Basij Highway
  • Bus station: It is available
  • Subway station: it is available
  • the price range of furnished apartment in Tehransar District: Middle to low

Many acclaimed cinema scenes were shot in this part of Tehransar

  • Ghazali Cinema Town: This location is on the 15th kilometer of shahid Lashgari in TehranSar district. Ali Hatami the legendary director of Iran was the first person who strived to turn this cinema town into reality in 1979.  Italian architect Johnny Courtina was the original urban planner of this massive location. Are you a follower of historical Iranian movies? Pay a visit to Ghazali cinema town and look through all the behind the scene details and location. One of the must-see places here is Hezar Dastan movie location as the movie itself is very seeable. Just seeing prominent film locations shouldn’t be your only motivation since once you stop by it’s like you visit Tehran in 60ies.       

Drop by permanent airplane exposition in Tehransar

  • Tehran aviation exhibition: 60 booths in this fair have an exclusive display of various fighter aircraft. Fancy to catch a sight of some of them? This fair is open to visitors every day and it is on the 5th kilometer of Tehran-Karaj highway.

A nurturing site for great football stars

tehransar district tehran
  • Naft club is on 9th street and 11th street beside the Azedgan expressway. Naft club coaches coach the person, not the athletes. This designates that your potential is seen and work on level by level and you’ll have this opportunity to get exposed to great football teams and the other professionals.

Important industrial and commercial centers

  • Porche Iran center
  • Kerman Khodro industrial group
  • Kharazmi pharmaceutical company
  • Darou Pakhsh pharmaceutical company

Public parks you can enjoy in Tehransar

  • Narges park
  • Rima park
  • Niloufar park

Education center

  • Iran Khodro university of applied science

How to get there by public transportation?

  • Shahrak ekpatan metro station
  • Chitgar metro station
  • Multiple Bus routes are active in Tehran-Karaj freeway