Bojan hotel apartment boasts a magnificent lobby and a utile public space and features all the amenities and services of a five-star hotel coupled with unique at-home- atmosphere in Tehran, the capital city of Iran.

Within Bojan Hotel Apartment, there are 7 stories with premium facilities. The modern architecture of this building serves well to the need of travelers who step in Tehran with purposes.

There are multi-purpose stories you can choose between in this luxury accommodation in Tehran. You may choose a studio apartment, 2-bedrooms with a measurement of 120 sqm and even a 3-bedrooms flat with more private space.

Bojan hotel apartment is the best example of a modern approach to residential accommodations. In the interior design, you will see meticulous design elements, in line with all the necessary equipment.

For example, within a 2-bedrooms flat in Bojan hotel apartment, you can ask for further arrangements and ask to arrange up to 4 beds in these rooms. The range of options for your either short-term or long-term residency is 4 single bedroom or you may alternate between double beds.

Each flat, even a studio apartment in Bojan hotel apartment comes with an exclusive parking lot. If you are among those curious one-time travelers in Tehran then this agency has other personally tailored provisions. for instance, you may ask for CIP service or car rent.

Tourists, business individuals, incorporation delegates, foreign employs, and diplomats will find Bojan hotel apartment as the best choice of accommodation. Bojan hotel apartment is situated in the intersection of Mirdamad and Nelson Mandela and provides you with the best accessibility to all the parts of Tehran.  

Due to the great location of Bojan hotel apartment, this district gives the opportunity to easily hit the high streets of Tehran. You can with much ease spend an afternoon going to the thriving shopping center of Tehran. The most pleasant chance you may go through is Galleria shopping center and Sana commercial center is among the most breathtaking sites to both from the point of architecture and diversity of brands and food court.

Bojan hotel apartment has 17 minutes distance with Sana shopping mall which is located in Farmanieh. The distance you have to pass to get to Galleria shopping center takes also 17 to 20 minutes to reach. From this hotel, the fine accessibility of ending routes to the Modares expressway and Shariati street puts you in a great location. This geographical presence in Tehran brings assurance that you won’t get bored and waste any time on your travel to Iran.

Why you should book a serviced apartment in Tehran?

Bojan Hotel Apartment tehran

Also, choosing a serviced apartment is great for those who are waiting for their new permanent home to finalize. Bojan hotel apartment accommodates both corporate groups and individual travelers. And it is a great alternative for these people as well. It is fair to say that a serviced apartment provides you with the best of two worlds, you have far better amenities that a single room in a hotel one the hand and on the other hand, the freedom you get by choosing a serviced apartment is incomparable to even luxuries hotel options.

Better than that, hotel apartments are twice the size of equally any room you’d book in a hotel. If you reserve a studio apartment comparably a single room offer far less space.  This is also the case for the price point. Check out Bojan hotel apartment studio apartment here. You pay 42$ for one day stay.

Your options have more flexibility as well. On the list of a hotel of any type, you are obliged to bound yourself to the provided rooms. You won’t have this difficulty if consult with a serviced apartment agent as you can compromise your terms and ask for more privacy with separate rooms and desirable space.

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In the Bojan hotel apartment, reception services are available 24 hours and seven days. On top of that, you can ask for further services anytime you want. In this hotel, regular cleaning and laundry services bring maximum comfort to your stay. The best feature is that in Bojan there is extra space and facilities for children and you have the allowance of pets.

In the adjacency of Bojan Hotel Apartment, there are multiple international schools and vast public parks. This makes Bojan a great residency site for the families as well.

Bojan hotel apartment in Tehran

Digital Nomads accommodation in Iran

The new phenomenon of global nomads is fairly a new concept in the world of profession. Often it requires frequent relocations and co-living in many cases. Also, this new approach is not a fast-growing industry but many are diverging into this category. If you are among one of those transient workers, it is understandable that you want to be close to the startup centers.

By choosing a serviced hotel apartment like Bojan serviced apartment in Tehran, you can travel on the budget while expanding your length of stay. This kind of accommodation offers in-housing entertainment and saves you time. Since, you can easily dine out or perhaps with prior arrangements you can have deliveries at your door. Best of all is that you get to live like a local.

Bojan hotel apartment In Tehran

Over the course of last passing decades. Business models encapsulate startup ideas in themselves to have further success in the growth. Consequently, startups are a great catalyst for large incorporations. and Tehran is a dynamic city with the way toward digitalization. The focalization of certain districts such as Mirdamad, Jordan, Shaharak-e Gharb can have all the benefits such as social security, moderate cost of living and parallelly higher quality of life.

The specification of your job and seeing your needs, aid you to make an informed decision while choosing accommodation in districts of Tehran and other Megacities such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, and Mazandaran.

if you are among this group of people you need to put your focus around several different areas. Certainly, being able to manage and go with the fast-paced and faced evolving and of course technology-driven world your time consumption is highly critical.

At the heart of most hospitality criteria of Bojan Hotel Apartment, a comprehensive property management system will aid you through all steps of the away. This property management system is regulated to fully automate registration operation for any flat you want to book. In addition to that fast consultations in RentIranApartment agency will aid you to find perfect accommodation in other cities of Iran.

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