Mirdamad is luxury district in Tehran, exactly in third district. The name of this place came from Iranian philosopher Mirdamad.

From public architecture to its international cuisine and a booming outcrop of tech industry jobs in Mirdamad, Perhaps there is no word that encapsulates this part of Tehran’s contradiction adequately.  

Amazing layout of Mirdamad street with tall cedar trees on side proposes the best atmosphere to the occasional passers-by and permanent residents.  

Mirdamad district is capital for buying formal clothing and attires and there are many currency exchange centers in this part of the city.

there are countless independent boutiques and antique stores in Mirdamad. But be aware that on Sunday, all commercial outlet are closed except for restaurants.

Mirdamad has always been great region for it’s resident, additionally the strong emphasis on rights of renters amplified the uniqueness of this place and boosted its popularity. Nowhere in Tehran produces such a sense of excitement quite like the prospect of nesting in furnished apartment in Mirdamad district of Tehran. Precisely because of its fame, apartments and rooms for rent in Mirdamad come and go quickly!

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This district has one of the best accessibility in the entire city of Tehran. From the east Mirdamad connects to the Shriati street and from the west reaches to the Valiasr street. The most important cross sections in Mirdamad are Nelson Mandela boulevard, and Modares expressway. The western side of this district nedes in the center of Valiasr street-one of the most important Routes in Tehran.

  • Mirdamad district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: North
  • known for: Shopping centers, boutiques and tech companies  
  • Neighboring districts:  Jordan, Kavusiyeh
  • Access to mirdamad district: Haghani highway, Modares highway
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • Furnished apartment price range: Middle to High

What to do in Mirdamad district of tehran?

Many  casual visitors comes to this part of city to shop tech products or buy stylish clothes from boutiques or have an entertaining night in one of Mirdamad attractions. This street is rich with diverse range of option and it is a perfect choice for having a high quality time. With respect to your personal enthusiasm you can freely choose between a settled activity or go all the way out and try the most exhilarating ones.

Visit the treasury of ancient coins in the money museum

Money Museum: This museum is the first permanent treasury of coins and old paper money in Iran. Within this museum you can see 1400 disparate coins from different areas, 750 types of paper money and 200 documents related to the history of these pieces. Beside all these extensive library is another part of this museum. Today part of the treasury of this museum is in the Eram park in the west of Tehran.

A personalized experience of shopping in Mirdamad boutiques

Any special occasions on your calendar? Salespeople in clothing boutiques on the Mirdamad district will customize your shopping experience as much as possible. The price might be a bit high no doubt on that! but the items here are for those special occasions in which you wish to shine. 3 major commercial centers in the Mirdamad district are listed below

Rose Mirdamad shopping center:  you will have the easiest and fastest access to this commercial center in Tehran that’s because multiple main routes directs to this part of the city, on the top of that public transportation is highly convenient in neighboring area of Rose mirdamad shopping center.

Reaching to this mall you see a curved structure and looking to the top you spot impressive height and a unique stair layout for the access to the each floor. The shops on the each floor of Rose shopping center have seasonal theme and you may shop clothing items from the brands or pick handmade leather works of Iran.

Arian shopping center: Packed with trendy clothes and finest tuxedo, Arian shopping center is the top choice for men clothing. This mall is at the end of Mirdamad street.

Eskan shopping center: Built in the  1978 this tower still serves it’s visionary purpose after many years. This mall is located exactly on the entering section of Mirdamad street on the mutual corner with valiasr street. viewing a turquoise fountain on the  ground level of this mall is something uncommon yet an artifact of old Persian houses which shines here. Except for it’s administrative parts perhaps the outstanding feature of this commercial center in this zone is it’s watch and jewelry shops.

Paytakht computer center:  are you a tech-savvy? All the leading-edge tech products are being sold in this commercial center in the west of Mirdamad.

Two restaurants to try in this part of the town

Sheak shack: it is true that burgers and pizza are not huge hit like the past. but definitely that’s not the end of it! why? Sheak shack fast food After Modares highway has a disparate interpretation of your typical burgers. The crispy fried chicken on this menu are the wraps for the uncommon patties, in addition to this mouth watering item fries are topped with brittle fried onion rings and drenched in the special sauce of the house. Wanna a mouthful of sandwiches with green onions  and cheese sauce? Drop by Sheak shack restaurant in Mirdamad district.

Bahar cafe: Milkshake with tower of cream on top in those American cups that were popular in 60ies, A bit nostalgic right? Well from the Tomato and basil salad to the herbal teas, everything on the menu of Bahar cafe are filled with past memories. Do you want to read a novel in quit setting? I suggest you try Bahar cafe in this district after one day of hard work.

Relaxing time public parks of this zone

Aghahgia park: this park is in the center of Mirdamad and you can find access to this park via Mirdamad or modares expressway.

How to go around via public transportation?

  • Mirdamad bus stop BRT 7
  • Mirdamad metro station

Higher education centers

Khaje Nasir university: One of the faculties of this public university is in the Mirdamad street on the northern part.

International corporations in Mirdamad street

Iranian National Commission for UNESCO