The definition of high rise apartment in different cities and countries varies. For instance in less developed towns more than 4 stories is considered a high rise building. Comparatively in Iran’s capital city the range of constructions has been skyrocketing, put more than 10 floors height building into the category of high rise apartment in Tehran.  

Those high rising apartment with more than 10 stories are the ideal place for those of us who want to keep our head up in the cloud and enjoy the visionary scenery on the top of that have an extended peaceful moment.

Before considering any quick move to one of those penthouses in luxurious neighborhoods of  Tehran, be sure to check out all the point since you’ll need to pay extra attention to the pros and cons of living in one. On this article we go through each one of them cautiously.

The advantage of high rise apartments in Tehran

  • Well let’s be honest who doesn’t want that breathtaking view? surly high rise apartments offer an outstanding view and more natural lights .
  • usually these high rise apartments are located in the elite spots in the city. Therefore, living on top floor of a one will lessen your commute considerably.
  • The leasing option in high rise apartment are more flexible. You’ll have the full control over the contact and your time of stay.
  • Possibly you have better privacy, since fast private elevators are the feature of each flat.
  • The maintenance and amenities are more thoughtful and divers. Managing them is also a facile task since many of these flats are equipped with the smart controlling system.

The disadvantages you may face while residing in a high rise apartment  

  • Limited activities and limited extra space: Believe it or not life in a high rise flat means that you have to compromise that collection of statues you have and decrease the number them and pick those that have a spot. This even applies to you beloved pet! You cannot have multiple noisy pets all round the flat, consequently you may reconsider your ownership of animals because you can’t easily go for a peaceful afternoon walk with them.  
  • You have less parking space! It is not like your urban villa in which you could park multiple cars and trucks. You may get two parking lot at most following your standard payment. You have to pay extra amount of money for parking your friends and family cars.
  • You can’t negotiate the rent in high rise apartments. The price range for this flats are fixed so no bargain in that!
  • You have less green space:You won’t have that separate garden with all your flowers and favorite greens unless your flat comes with independent roof garden.