For sure Vanak is a name you will hear often once you are in the Tehran! The name itself signifies small trees in Farsi, but there is nothing minor about Vanak region in Tehran.

Flash back to the 200 years ago and all of this land was mostly gardens and country sides for the Qajar families and Armenian people. Mirza Hasan Ashtiani , prime minister of Iran in Ahmad Shah Qajar period, had a the main share of the lands in Vanak. The death of Mostowfi ol-Mamalek was a turning point gradually Vanak was divided into smaller section by his heirs. The tomb of Mostowfi ol-Mamalek is in this district- precisely in the old cemetery of Vanak in the western side.  

Today Chief routes in Tehran have created a needle-shaped zone in this part of city and you’ll spot that if you take a look at Vanak from an omniscient point of view. Interesting right?

The border of this multi purpose district start from the seoul street on the north and it diverge into the Chamaran and sheykh Bahayi street on the right and left. Vanak reaches to its end in the hemmat expressway. Hashemi Rafsanjani expressway, another important highway in Tehran, passes through the northern part of vanak region.

Robust urban structure does not leave space for gardens in this part of Tehran yet over there still you can see remaining foliage lands of past days. Therefore, the climate is very reviving particularly in the western section such as Deh-e vanak.

In the contemporary times, vast district of vanak has been home to various people from indigenous to foreigners, As result after Farsi within this sub region, English and other forms of Dari is spoken.  

Being one of the favorite locations for incorporation and tech companies, the traffic load is above average on certain streets. Just remember to be critical about timing! highly economical about your time yet enjoy your surroundings.

Other than that this sub-region of Tehran has leading-edge furnished houses and apartments complying to its beauty and amenities.  

  • Vanak district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: North
  • It is known for: Gardens, trade and educational centers
  • Neighborhood districts: Ararat district, Shahrak-e gharb district.
  • Access to Vanak district: By Chamran highway and Kordestan expressway
  • Subway station: is not available
  • Bus station: is available
  • price range of Furnished apartment in Vanak district : Middle to High

Where to visit amid unnumbered options of Vanak ?

Immense tulip bed in the north west of vanak district in Tehran

  • Persian garden: Double floor summer house without side walls on the north and south in the Persian garden prove the discerning use of forms. But after all how is that possible?  There are vertical rooms on on the left and right of this villa that act as main pillars for the sustainable stability of structure without any need to other carrier walls. This innovative layout along with rectangle fountains are accurate correspondent to the cosmic symbolism of Iranian designs. certainty you’ve never seen such a construction before therefore make sure to go there in spring! Because the garden scenery comes to life exactly during this time. Tulips will  encircle you wherever you go in Persian garden in Vanak square. Go to Saberi street before noon and paint an unprecedented landscape in your mind.

Exclusive eating spots in Vanak district

Indian chicken curry against Persian Fesenjan stew  

Which one comprises for the other? If you ask me I say none of them can replace the other one! Since the juicy chickens in the coconut milk cannot be compared with savory taste of pomegranate paste in Fesenjan stew-a unique Persian dish.

Taj mahal restaurant: This restaurant  on Sheykh-Bahayi street offers the stylish plates of curry, roasted chickens and Indian rice in a low luminescent setting which amplifies the redness of its chairs. Whether you Sit in the main hall or chose to try the outdoor space, in both of them Indian wooden and stone arts are vividly ubiquitous. Within this Indian food temple in the Vanak district you get never-eaten before desserts  and vegetarian food on the top of what you expect. Surly more expensive but a whole different world.

Termeh traditional restaurant: An exhibition of Original Iranian coffee house paintings in your conventional Persian dining house. Once you go to Termeh traditional restaurant you kill two birds with one stone! Just step inside and look around. immediately you’ll be welcomed by the waiter who is dressed to impress! In this restaurant you can ask for all types of Persian food with reasonable price range. Beside that you can select your own appetizers and side dishes from the salad  bar.

Looking for Brunch? Get Summary tray of everything you could ever wish for!

Raeis cafe: what is your favorite type of spread on bread? Oh wait no need to choose one in the Raeis cafe! Brunch tray has all the types, from jam to peanut butter. Generous consideration of the  kitchen staff evokes your imagination and by the time you are devouring you yummy brunch you are plotting your second come! Raeis cafe has a dozen of other options for the lunch and afternoon meals do don’t limit yourself to one time and one meal.

Unwind your fatigue in kharazmi park

Kharazmi park: stepping inside a greenery land with a view of Milad tower can be the calming spot for your afternoons. In south west of vanak district you can watch the sun goes down while you relax in a couple of quiet moments.  

Education centers and training centers in vanak district of Tehran.

Rouzbeh educational complex: from preschool stage to the day your child will enter university, all of the prerequisite levels are taught in Rouzbeh educational center. This school is on the northern part of  Sheykh Bahayi street.

Other educational centers

Looking for a side activity and always dreamed of learning how to produce music?

Parsa music school: This music school was established in 1985 and has unique methodology for teaching music to the little children.  

How to commute in vanak district if you opt for public transportation?

The best option is going by taxi. You can find them in vanak taxi terminal  on the west side of vanak square.

Diplomatic centers and governmental sites

  • Embassy of south Korea
  • Embassy of Bangladesh
  • Football federation of Iran