Shahrak-e gharb is the zone of deluxe houses and apartment with luxurious shopping centers. A group of American architects were in charge of designing the initial layout for Sharak-e gharb scheme and the aim was to wholly modernize the urban structure of Tehran. This was done by construction of modern villa houses and innovative route frames. This major alteration and construction was started in 1961 and you can see that the urban outline was engineered perfectly. Each alley is a spacious place in which modern house villas are made. Visiting this luxurious neighborhood will provoke a sensation of comfort for you.

furnished apartment in Sharak-e gharb distrcit

Shahrak-e gharb is in the second district of Tehran and as you can sense its price range is higher than average. This is because of architectural approach in Sharak-e gharb. Even By looking at the facade of constructions you can grasp the novelty of this distinctive buildings and new building are the brier breaker of conventional mindset of previous builder.

Better than that is it’s diverse range of homes. Based on your personal preference you can either find villa in a cozy place or choose a penthouse on top of a tower with an unbelievable view.

This sub region is the primary choice for the those who seek the absolute best, consequently many foreigners and elite class live in this area. Other outcome of this is that other than Persian, the spoken language in this zone is English. And temporary visitors and residents will find it very easy to go around.

An advantage of this zone is the prevalence many great markets in which you have no difficulty finding a specific item for your home or even grocery for your diet!

The best feature of Shrak-e gharb is it’s outstanding climate since the car traffic is not unreasonable at all and many future possibilities for the growth of this place were previously planed.

Anything you might need is available in Sharak-e gharb except for public transportation. But that is not a deal breaker if you ponder about all the other amenities that this zone presents you.

  • Shahrak-e Gharb district at a glance
  • Geographical position in Tehran: North
  • It is known for: luxuries villas and apartment
  • Neighborhood districts: Vanak district, Amir Abad district
  • Access to Shahrak-e Gharb: Sheikh Fazlollah expressway, Dadman Boulevard
  • Subway station: it is not available
  • Bus station: It is available
  • Price range of Furnished apartment in Shahrak-e Gharb district: High

Sumptuous shopping experience is brought to its apotheosis in Shrak-e Gharb

Finding elegant clothes and suitable accessories can be a daunting task! in this zone of tehran many cutting-edge shopping malls are accessible. From the bazaar like to the multi-store malls with very modern scheme, you can spend enjoyable time in these commercial centers.

  • Mahestan shopping center
  • Milad Nour commercial complex
  • Golestan commercial complex

Where to eat if you are in Shark-e Gharb?

Matcha and green tea cake-alluring specialty of Beautiful Life Cafe

Beautiful Life Cafe Lounge: Bright color cake with mixture of cream and a crunch of nuts on the top in the beautiful life cafe lounge is made of Matcha and green tea extract. This spice combination makes it more aromatic and I would say Matcha cake goes well with a cup of hot herbal tea or cold glass of juice mixture. On The menu you can go for diverse range of hot beverages such as cappuccino. Go for our choice and order Macchiato which dances off merrily with a side cookie and drake and white chocolate deep. You can take a sip and dip your cookie in the bowl of hot sauce! This cafe is on the Mahestan street in Sharak-e Gharb district of Tehran.

Greek salads and British breakfasts in Langine Cafe & Restaurant

Langine Cafe & Restaurant: You may crave that Greek salad with cheese and balsamic. Or perhaps you desire to have social gathering without hustle and bustle of going through food preparation difficulties. Langine Cafe & Restaurant on the Dadman street in the Shrak-e Ghrab disrtict is not one of those typical dining houses with couple courses. The menu is written with care and the kitchen staff are assigned to put out the best dish for you on the plate.

A cafe in middle of luscious garden in Shahrak-e Gharb

Majnoon Café: Massive outdoor porch is the setting of this restaurant for it’s daily customers. Reviving sense of summer breeze in a morning while you are cutting through the runny yoke of your egg Benedict is a virtuous combination for your weekend. You can reserve a place for special occasions or drop in Iran Zamin boulevard anytime you wish.

Tehran style sandwich in Arghanoun fast food

Arghanoun Sandwich:  Pasta sandwich with Doogh from Abe’ali is uncommon lunch combination that you havent tasted before! Don’t contemplate and visit Arghanoun sandwich on Hafezi street in Sharak-e gharb district of Tehran. This restaurant has a diminutive environment but fast delivery of your order will entirely compensate for it.

Persian wraps of deliciousness in Reza Loghmeh

Reza Loghmeh: kebabs are always with rice. what do you think? Well in Reza Loghmeh each piece of sultry kebab is wrapped in a piece of Lavash with finely chopped onions and a of side pepper pickles. This restaurant is on the Nourani boulevard in Shark-e Ghrab.   

Flavorful Italian ice cream

Gelato House: Fruity scoop of ice cream with crunch of cake crumbs in Gelato house on Derakhti street in shark-e Ghrab is the ultimate evening dessert. In this ice cream shop all types of preferences are respected. Even if you are on a vegan diet you can have a couple of scoop that suits your diet.

Untie your daily thoughts in the public green space of Sharak-e Gharb

  • Iran zamin park
  • Khovardin Garden

Infrastructure in Shahrak-e Gharb

  • Iranzamin Shahrvand market: this site is a local market for grocery shopping.
  • Bahman hospital : A fine private hospital in this part of Tehran.

Governmental sites

  • Ministry of Science, Research and Technology