North side of Satar khan is known as Tehran villa. This area was home to Zabiholah Mansouri-one of the greatest translators of Iran. Consequently this sub-region became a popular resident for famous press figures like him.

Not long ago this district was called Taj (the Crown), today everyone knows it as Tehran villa district. You can get there by Sheikh Fazlollah Nuri expressway, Jala-al-Ahmad high way, and Mansouri street

  • Tehran Villa district at a glance
  • Geographical position in Tehran: center
  • known for: affordable accommodation and suitable facilities
  • Neighboring districts: Teymoori district
  • Access to Tehran Villa district: Sheikh Fazlollah Expressway
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • the price range of furnished apartment apartments in tehran villa: Middle

a breathtaking Concrete competition in Tehran Villa

Iran concrete institute: This association was founded in 1995 by the endeavors of Iranian professors. Every year AmirKabir University of Tehran holds a concrete competition with the close collaboration of Iran concrete institute in Tehran villa. If you want to witness atypical contest in which only piece combination of materials and patient play roles then this place is for you. This institute is located in Jalal-e-Al-e-Ahmad highway in this sub-region


Roasted cheeseburgers with drenched in sauce fried potatoes

  • Toranj fast food: this restaurant in Tehran villa, in the intersection of Sohrab and 3rd alley, is unusual. Each portion of food is served in steel plates with house-made sauce all over the course beside a cabbage salad for each individual order. Its menu is very customizable and the staff prepares what you wish.

Large portions are always better!

  • Pol fats food: for an economical price you get a salad, cheeseburger based on your choice and fries. Not bad at all! The restaurant ambiance in Tehran vial is not as stylish as you expect yet it is clean and you can have the pleasure of your food.

Only take-away but as if it came out of your home oven

  • Pizza Hut: this chain fast food has a branch on Tehran villa and only offers takeaway food. its pizza menu is savory and tempting. Are you at the hotel or home in Tehran villa and want a delivery? Don’t hesitate to call pizza hut. 

Facilities in Tehran villa

Local pool for a temporary relaxation

  • White gladiolus swimming pool:  it is a secluded pool but you can go there for one of the sessions based on its calendar. It is a diminutive pool but Jacuzzi and sauna adequate. There are decorated blue tiles on the wall which induce more relaxing feelings.

Public park

  • Tehran vial park: it is compact and green public space for locals.         

Medical University and hospital in Tehran villa

  • Rasoul Akram hospital: this medical center is a public hospital and senior medical residents work here along with experienced doctors. The disadvantage is that working hours are limited and reserving a suitable hour might take time.