Elahyieh district is undoubtedly demand its own unparalleled lifestyle. If you want to experience this exclusive neighborhood like a native Tehrani certainly a luxury image should resonate in your mind.  This neighborhood is known as the top-notch zone in Tehran and is boasted with private locations, homes that are equipped with extensive facilities. A massage salon or individual spa, pools and other extra fancy items are just a number of amenities in mansions of this norther part of Tehran.

There are many routes and highways in the surrounding of this neighborhood which makes the back and forth transportation fairly easy. The access road to this compelling and attractive district is done via Modares highway and Shariati street on the southern part and the eastern section of Elahiyeh.

The distinctive feature of Elahiyeh district having a very high length from the sea level, consequently the breeze of pristine air blows throughout Elahiyeh zone continually. This results outgrowing number of  cedar trees in the outline of streets in this part of Tehran.

Interwoven allies in Elahiyeh has become the base infrastructure for the ambitious of Iranian as well as foreign architects. Each detour and intersection in this neighborhood will surprise you with either a luxury villa house or a high-rising penthouse with a mind-blowing lobby.

The best representative of this neighborhood is the comparison of two designated building so that you understand what to expect from this part of Iran’s capital city.  

A fine comparison of fifty years architecture in Elahiyeh District

A rustic style apartment in Elahiyeh

This building was constructed in the second Pahlavi area and originally belonged to Mehdi Alizadeh who firmly believed that “Time for him is neither like a ladder nor a stairway. Instead the concept of time represent a constraint of layers and composition of them”. His timeless design came to life in one of his rustic apartment designs in the Elahiyeh district in Tehran.

Although Alizadeh house seems to be a fairly simple structure in the first impression. He at the time innovatively created a gradual layered yard and, on each vast step, made a specific compartment of the building. His approach came from the obstacles of creating a mansion in such a striking height, 1548 meter precisely.  

this highly slanted zone required to set each room on a separate level of this ground. A close look at this Iranian architectural heritage depicts multiple roof gardens and terraces for the joy of residents in each room.

The infrastructure of this unique building is 986 square meters and Alizadeh villa apartment has six divers architectural unities-each one has a unique functionality.  

At the current time this building is registered as a national architectural heritage and it is a fine representative of the structure of houses in the late fifties in this premium location of Tehran.

Chenaran tower a modern representative of Elahiyeh

Cheneran tower is on the Sarvestan street in the Elahiyeh district of Tehran. This high rising apartment in Tehran has 13 stories and with 26 unites and it is imaginable this complex is the top choice for known figures and especially those who seek impeccable locations to live.

Each unit in this particular apartment is 320 to 640 square meters- spacious enough for the elite residents of Cheneran complex. The featured communal space in building is 2000-meter lobby, 500 swimming pool and the fully equipped gym for the daily use of inhabitants. Another uncommon yet compelling features of this tower is the availability of bicycle track. Beside all these perhaps the best provision in this tower is monolith broad band internet in every site of complex.

Renting apartment in Elahiyeh

In the design of Cheneran tower, there has been extensive care to the privacy and individuality. Therefore, there is a swimming pool in the roof garden section of the penthouse. in addition to that there is a separate river-like swimming pool in the base flat.

Each flat in this tower has comprehensive smart controlling system, above all this tower complex has landing site on the top floor for the helicopters. So, privacy in this structure is at it’s best. By all this you may be surprised that in this neighborhood you can still find budget friendly rent prices. So go a little bit further to find out how?  

How to find the perfect apartment in Elahiyeh

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