Tehran a Sprawling city has more than 22 districts to choose from. However, the effectiveness of your choose depends on whether you are a first-time dweller in the vast city, a jubilant traveler, or you merely want a quiet place that is closer to cultural sites and main facilities.

Each district in Tehran attracts its own distinctive lifestyle. For instance, it seems that in Zafar district in Tehran every one drives a super deluxe vehicle and that’s the social code of this zone. Then you may pop in the Jordan district which is the ultimate spot for business owners and picky shopaholics. If you pass by Tehran Sar you see that it offers meadows for equestrians and exclusive football clubs for obsessive fans of football. And if you are searching for that idyllic country life style then Sharak-e gharbe would be the dream catcher district of yours.

By the luck we are here to narrow down the districts you may mindlessly stroll in. This quick guide illustrates the brief outlook of our editorial picked neighborhoods. By reading this you can get an easy overview of idiosyncratic zones in Iran’s capital city.

first of all, consider what type of convenience facilities you wish to have in your neighborhood. Whether you are seeking an all-around value hood or a supreme flat you should know that each district has its own uniqueness and perhaps flaws.

Apartments In The North of Tehran

  • Jordan– Valiasr: for the first timers- specially people who have been contemplating long enough over choosing Jordan as their head residency area. I should say this region offers unbelievable range of deluxe apartments, penthouses and villa sites. Other than these unique offerings, Jordan and Valiasr have highly accessible routing and there are many hubs as well as entertainment and necessary infrastructures. This neighborhood is a keenly defined area in the upper side of Tehran.
  • Valiasr itself is a is along road starting from the most southern section of Tehran to the it’s uppermost part in Tajrish. From the middle division to the northern part you see the outline of outstanding and marvelous structures that are periodically constructed on this well-known street of Tehran.

If you are trying to save a up for your future plan and still have your eyes on these parts of Tehran, you may either book short term furnished apartments in Jordan or search for studios in Valiasr street

often Housing in this neighborhood goes up to the eight figure and there no surprise to find even more expensive accommodations in Jordan and valiasr due to the exclusive taste of some land owners and architects and the manifestation of their matchless layouts of buildings. If you are trying to save a up for your future plan and still have your eyes on these parts of Tehran, you may either book short term furnished apartments in Jordan or search for studios in valiasr street. Both Jordan and valiasr have heavy load of traffic and the best way to get around this region is either by walking using the accessible communal transportation.

Apartments In The North of Tehran
  • Doulat: the upper streets of Shahid Kolahdooz and Kaveh boulevard are the main thoroughfares of Doulat district and the premium buildings do lay here. Qanat crossroad are the most known zones in this northern part of Tehran. The social life here is a combination of both religious dwellers as well as independent youth.  
  • Mirdamad: Situated in the middle of Valiasr street, it is considered as one of the most gorgeous places in Tehran to live. It is counted as one of the best places to live in Tehran due to the ubiquitous of many restaurants, useful local amenities, shopping centers and boutiques. Mirdamad is a very walkable street of Tehran and you can stroll to the business hubs and other attractive sites especially if you are heading to southern part of Mirdamad where unnumbered malls are located.
  • Velenjak: if I say velenjak is seamlessly a top location you may see it as over-exaggeration but put it on your raider, since the urban scheme of this part of Tehran is unlike any others. Velenjak height from the sea is 1650 to 1800 meter and this elevated location is the home for the tallest accommodations of Tehran. This means that the climate purge itself compulsively and pristine air flows though out this zone in Tehran. This is district is the ultimate night view of Tehran.
  • Shahrak Gharb: This neighborhood is located in the northern western part of Tehran. Here there are marvelous selections of villa houses and newly made luxury apartments. In Shahrak Gharb you can see that the wave of skyrocketing mass constructions hasn’t manipulated the liberty of having your personal pool and Jacuzzi. The urban design right from the start has had this futuristic outlook for the generic houses of Shahrak Gharb.

Apartments In The North west of Tehran

  • Darous: This region is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tehran and the main social scarification of this part were Armenians who reside in Darous. This neighborhood is known as the home of “liberal intelligentsia” because it was popular with the reputable writers and journalists. For instance “ Sadeq Chubak and Fourough Farokhzad” inhabited in this part of Tehran. If you are a jolly traveler this district is a mindful choice Because you can find access to the bazaar, markets and you are in the adjacency of touristic sites of Tehran.

Apartments In The east of Tehran

  • Niro Havai: This western part of Tehran has chess-like urban layout and often you find one story flats instead of high rising apartments. This neighborhood is witnessing major signs of gentrification and new developments. Therefore, finding a suitable room that covers all of your activities is not out of sight. This district is the number one choice for the immigrants and represents a diverse range of cultures within itself.

Apartments In The south of Tehran

  • Tehran Sar: on the south of Tehran Tehran sar is the center of professional sport clubs along with many industrial locations. It is both great for job seekers as well as Those who have a resilient sportive sprite. On the relatively far eastern part of Tehran Sar, there are multiple chief factories and at the core of this neighborhood there are important athletic centers- to name one that’s Naft football club of Tehran.