Teymoori the  5th district of Tehran is home to Sharif University of technology-the finest university in Iran. This region starts from Sheikh Fazlollah Nuri expressway and ends in Azadi street. There are a variety of access roads leading into teymmoori street. Depending on your start point you can go there by either of Yadegar-Emam, sheikhfazloha Nouri highways or jenah expressway. These routes are in the north, east and south of this street.  

The name of this street came from Timuriyān dynasty. Ancient Persia reached to one of it’s greatest extent in the history under the rule of  Timurid elite and his successors from 14 to 16 century.

Today this street has encompasses the zesty population of students and the middle class of Tehran community. There are many educational centers here as well as business sites.

Teymoori district at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: west
• known for: campus life, educational centers and berry gardens
• Neighboring districts: Tarasht district, Azadi district
• Access to
Teymoori district: Ashrafi Esfahani street
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
• The price of furnished apartment in Teymoori district: Middle

Distinctive academic spots in Teymoori district of Tehran

Sharif energy plan research institute is here

  • Sharif Energy Research Institute (SERI): Iran and Japan International Cooperation Agency collaborated to build an energy laboratory in Sharif university if technology 1995. The studies here have a direct influence on the various sectors such as oil refinery, food industry. Petrochemical plants and glass production etc. joint programs of this research institute with many countries around the world allow you to have exposure to novel issues. On top of that, it’s advanced equipment and the robust will of its authorities put you in the best possible direction. 

Training association for adroit administrators

  • The Graduate School of Management and Economics at Sharif University of Technology: being the only university that has an open source access to all of it’s courses to the public, it gives you an exclusive opportunity to be an even a long distance and self-thought student of this faculty.  Many of students who were graduated from this university on Teymoori street are now among leading managers all around the world. The faculty is on the south corner of Teymoori square.     
educational centers in Teymoori district of tehran

A Creative spot for the young entrepreneurs in Teymoori

  • Tivan Entrepreneurship Club: shared worked space of Tivan gives you this freedom to converse with other startups and get mentorship whenever you need one. This place was established in 2015 in Sharif energy institute in the north of Teymoori square. The interior design itself is designated form any other entrepreneurship location in Tehran. This department has 7 different spacious rooms for six various purposes. Similar to google thinking rooms and business development areas, each room has its own unique color and the layout itself is calming and minimalistic. I am sure if you are thinking about a new trade idea, visiting there will encourage you even more, and for sure you’ll  go further with your thoughts!          

A site dedicated to in-depth research of technologies

  • Sharif technology center 2: this department is a section of many labs of sharif university. This board exclusively is for the students with a comprehensive research plan and provides them with practical amnesties depending on their specific field. This site is Golestan street before Teymoori square.  

Sharif elite Swimming pool

  • Sharif university swimming pool: Close to other amenities of Sharif university, this championship pool is on Golestan alley on Teymoori street. This swimming pool has two different sections for women and men and it has extensive programs other than swimming such as hydrotherapy, massage, and diving with 5 different height platforms. During specific times of the season, you can benefit from its occasional discounts as well.

Where to eat at Teymoori district? Be delighted with Cheap food at these places

  • Papour fast food: economical and fast are two terms that define this fast-food restaurant well. the kitchen has open space so you can see how they prepare the food. in addition to that the sitting area is very spacious and clean. This restaurant has two stores for more convenient service to the customers. If you want to give it a try Parpour fast food is exactly on the south of teymoori square in Tehran.   
  • Dizisaraye Naser khan: grasp a brief history of Tehran by going to Dizisaraye Naser khan on Tarasht street in teymoori. compelling to know that the name of this traditional restaurant came from Naser Malek Motiei– a prominent Iranian actor who played amazing roles from 1949 to 2014- entering this restaurant in teymoori and you can witness scenic pictures of this figure all around the walls. The food is served in clay pots and copper plates just like the past times in Tehran.

Two first-rated high schools in teymoori

  • Mofid high school: Named after a merit Iranian theologian- al-Shaykh al-Mufid- this high school has many branches and one of its sites is in Teymoori district. This school has extra curriculum activities for talented and exceptional students.  
  • University of Sharif’s High School: this high school is next to sharif university on Golestan alley and it’s program assists students to pass the national exam and go get a place at this university.  

How to get there by public transportation?

  • Sharif university metro station
  • Tarasht metro station
  • Azadi BRT line