The welcoming entrance of Tehran certainly is Azadi square and its upland tower. This 148 ft tower once named gate of Cyrus to project power and hospitality of Tehran- the capital of Iran. The main arch of this tower is the representative of Sassanian dynasty and the vault of Taghe-kasra. And initially there are two bases and gradually it ascends and goes uppers to represent the growth of Tehran and Iran as a nation. This monument has more to offer since there are museums beneath and on the top of this tower.

azadi tower in tehran

zadi tower in azadi district in tehran

Azadi district at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: center
• known for: Azadi statue, Student life
• Neighboring districts: Teymouri district, Sadeghiyeh district
• Access to Azadi district: Tehran-karaj highway, Ashrafi Esfahani street
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
• the price range of furnished apartments in Azadi district: Middle 

Azadi routes and location on the map

Azadi square is in the 10th district of Tehran. From east it goes to Karaj highway and from west it starts with Azadi street and goes to Yadegar Imam  highway. To north it directly connects to Jenah express way and later Ashrafi Esfahani street. In it’s south side there are multiple routes. to name a couple and those are Hojjaj street and saidi expressway.

Azadi district climate

As you can predict due to high density of car passages, the weather doesn’t have top quality. But this doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t visit this historical site at all! In fact, on the contrary Azadi district is filled with green spaces. The tower itself is surrounded with a massive urban park so that visitors can have the maximum joy from Azadi area.

Higher education centers in Azadi District


  • Almahdi park

Public transportation

It is fully just to say that from any point in Tehran or even other parts of Iran you can easily reach to Azadi square as there are various types of public transportation.

  • Bus terminal: one of the most complete public bus terminals is built on the north west of Azadi square. This terminal itself is divided into multiple sections- in total 3 parts. One division is allocated to cabs commuting between Tehran and other cities as well as multiple main centers of Tehran. Two other sections are specified to urban and intercity buses.
  • Subway: Shademan subway station and Azadi subway station